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One of the hottest games this summer is Pokémon GO. I don't have the game because I was never a Pokémon fan, but from what I know, you go around and try to find Pokémon and catch them in Pokéballs. A lot of people are playing it, but some have become severely injured or even died just from playing this game.

Maybe I should rename this article "5 Ridiculous Pokémon GO Addicts That Want to 'Catch 'em All' More Than Be Alive". But here are five of the craziest accidents I could find.

I will also be making a lot of my own animations for this article.

1. Getting Trapped in a Cave

On July 15, 2016, four teenagers found themselves trapped in a cave after trying to find some legendary Pokémon in it. They were stuck in there until one of them got an open air part of the rock and called 999 when they were able to get enough signal to call someone.

You can applaud me now for being able to make that image with just Google Slides.

2. Hit by a Car

Also last July, a 15-year-old in a Pittsburgh suburb was playing Pokémon GO when it led her to a busy highway during rush hour. She crossed the street while playing the game and was struck by a car. Luckily, she survived.

The thing is, the mother blamed the game for the injury. That's not exactly fair in my opinion, because I'm pretty sure it's common sense to not be looking at your phone while you cross a street. She could've been playing Candy Crush while walking down that street and it wouldn't have made a difference.

3. Falling Off a Cliff

In North San Diego County, two men who were playing Pokémon GO fell off the edge of an ocean bluff while trying to catch characters for the game. One fell 75 to 100 feet and the other fell 50 feet. Apparently, there was a fence to stop people from falling off, but they ignored it.

4. Crashing Car Into Tree

And you people still think we should have faith in humanity.

In July, a 28-year-old man found out that there could be some great Pokémon nearby, so he got into his brother's car and started to drive. Well, that's smart. He ended up crashing into a tree almost immediately. He wasn't severely injured, but the car is a different story.

The police had to release a statement for players. Read them and think about how the police needed to tell people some guidelines that were generally common sense.

5. Near Drowning

Six teenagers decided to catch some rare Pokémon at an abandoned pier in England. They didn't really care about how the tide was rising. However, they were saved when people caught sight of them and rescue crews showed up.

That's why I'm scared of water and addicts. In this story, a father tells his four year old daughter to play in a pool in order to catch a Magikarp. He was too absorbed in the game that the daughter ended up drowning.

Well, now that I've given you reason to lose faith in humanity, I'll just finish this and get working on my next article.

This was inspired by Matthew Santoro's video.


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