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Hey Trainers! Welcome to Daily Game Tips!

Sorry about not posting for a while, I was on a trip and was not able to post. Apologies!

Today I'm not going to give a tip, but my opinion on this game. As you all know almost every time something new comes out I try to give my opinion about it to you guys so you don't just see straight up facts.

Here are some reasons why I like Pokemon Go

1. It brings us as a community together

Becoming the most downloaded app in less than a week and over 100 million downloads total, Pokemon Go has created a legacy to last for a while. The Pokemon Go Reddit grew enormously in the first couple weeks of Pokemon Go's release but died down later on. Even though Pokemon go has been on a slow downfall, it still created a great community. r/PokemonGo and r/TheSilphRoad are great examples of this. Its also amazing to see hundreds of people (at PoGo's Peak) all come together to one place and yell when there was a Snorlax or a rare Pokemon nearby. Trust me, it was really fun to dash towards the exact spot where a Bulbasaur spawned.

2. It brings back the nostalgia of Pokemon

Although Pokemon is still being played by lots of people, its peak was around the 2000s. After that it died down a little but with the introduction of Pokemon Go, it brought the "good old days" into the real world. I bet many players of Pokemon found it really fun how Niantic brought in their favorite Pokemon to be able to be caught in augmented reality.

3. The hype for Pokemon Go was real

With the announcement of the Pokemon Go trailer, everyone was so hyped. Going back to #1, the hype brought us together as as community to prepare for this amazing game. Although there were some bits and bumps in the beginning, Niantic still created a game that was truly amazing. Here is an honest trailer for Pokemon Go:

4. Niantic's possibilities for this game are limitless

With over five generations of Pokemon and hundreds of Pokemon to add, Niantic's possibilities are limitless. Lots of updates could be added while still having hundreds of ideas. Things such as trading, one versus one, and adding new generations are just some of the possibilities Niantic could add.

5. The thrill of finding a new Pokemon is exhilarating

Its really fun to find a rare Pokemon while either on a casual walk or a mass hunt is amazing. Finally completing that Pokedex is exhilarating. Its just so fun!

Overall, I think that Pokemon Go is one of the best games that I've played for a while. It may not be as popular as in its zenith, but I predict it'll last for a while.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Gaming!


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