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When Pokémon GO first came out, parents and Uber drivers alike suddenly were overwhelmed with requests to go to the most random of places in search of Pokémon. Other people, apparently, were planning how to drive around in search of Pokémon with a bit more style.

Enter: The above i8 BMW, decked from front to back with Pokémon.

A preview of this car comes courtesy of Veluxity Car Rentals, who took it around for a test drive around South Beach. As you can imagine, it caused a lot of head-turning. But it's not the only Pokémon vehicle to have ever existed — just one of the most expensive.

1. Pikachu Is A Mouse...And A Beetle

Image via
Image via

Ha, get it? Because Pikachu... okay, yeah, bad joke.

Anyways, this little beetle comes from Toyota, who showed it off during the Tokyo Toy Show back in 2012 (and again in 2014). It's a pretty cute car, featuring its own ears and tail, but it's probably not going to win any street races anytime soon.

2. Be The Envy Of Your Kids' Soccer Team With This Van

Okay, so maybe the Pikachu car could beat this thing in a street race — but not in sweet space. Yeah, the jokes aren't gonna stop.

In any case, this sweet ride is definitely not creepy, what with the cool Pokémon and dark windows. It's totally rad and probably something your kid would love you forever for owning, at least until they enter their teens. Teens don't like anything.

3. Leave The Cute Stuff At Home, This One's Hardcore

Image via
Image via

This one is the evolved form of the van above. Note the legendary Pokémon and sick, sick miles per gallon it probably gets. This one is for adults who want to show how hardcore they are and who aren't afraid to show their Pokémon love loud and proud.

4. A Flying/Metal Type

All right, I lied. The BMW isn't the most expensive Pokémon vehicle out there. But it's also not a plane, so you be the judge on what counts and what doesn't.

In any case, this plane is a massive double-decker and looks like the kind of thing someone with too much money would rent out for a kids' party in the sky. Or maybe that's just me projecting my own dreams on this one.

5. The Only Vehicle That Has Ever Mattered

Look, Pokémon Snap was the best. And you got to ride around in this fantastic...cart...thing. I really hope we see a Pokémon Snap on the upcoming NX console, but until then, I'll be sure to mention the game as often as I can.

It's not a real vehicle, but it's the only Pokémon vehicle that matters to me.

However, if real cars are your thing and you're a fan of extra-super nice ones, there's a video of the BMW and all the reactions to it. If you want to see it in all its glory, be sure to check out the full video of it in action:

If you could design your own Pokémon vehicle, what would it look like?


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