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The Internet is really wigging out over the latest Alolan concoction from Game Freak. What with the release of the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo, as well as the massive Pokédex leak courtesy of dataminers, the situation has been more than a little hairy, but all of that got brushed aside with one glamor shot that's really making waves.

Sure, some of the previous Alola forms already have us in a knot, but this newest addition to the Alola family has us positively tangled!

Alolan Dugtrio is the hippest, shiniest, flashiest, most fabulous Alola version of them all, and the Internet exploded as soon as pics of this elusive Pokémon model made it to the web. It's understandable, really. While a number of "silly" Alola forms have already been released, Dugtrio's luscious new locks really take the cake! Or the comb, in this case.

How this blonde bombshell scored its new tresses we'll never know, but we do know that fans across the globe have already taken to it with a hair-raising flourish! From fanart to gifs to memes, people everywhere can't stop talking about Alolan Dugtrio! And we here at Now Loading have picked out the best of the best to have your own mane shaking with laughter.

Tumblr Reacts to Alolan Dugtrio

Tumblr is pretty much the mecca of hilarious fanart and memes, and it haven't failed us this time. Alolan Dugtrio is already the proverbial Tumblr cock of the walk!

1. Puberty Woes


3. JoJo's Bizzare Hairventures

4. Bad Influences

5. Game Design at its Best

6. All Dragged Up With Nowhere to Go

Twitter Reacts to Alolan Dugtrio

But let's not forget about Twitter! Twitter has its own fair share of Poké-fans, and they wanna have their fun, too! From political commentary to traumatizing fanart, Alolan Dugtrio has inspired an endless supply of greatness.

1. Pokemon Trump Card

2. It's a Slow Burn

3. The Dugtrio Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree...

4. Because She's Worth it, Too

5. Hold Me Like You Did on Naboo

6. Name a More Iconic Trio

7. Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Has Alolan Dugtrio Nabbed the Award for Best Alola Form?

Whether you're a fan of the Alola forms or not, this latest addition is truly a sight to behold. Long-necked Exeggutor's got nothin' on this fab fringe. But it does beg the question—are even stranger things just beyond our sight? Has Alolan Dugtrio paved the way for a plethora of other cockamamie chimera? Or were Dugtrio's new locks the cream of the crop (of hair)?

Only time will tell...


What sort of feelings does Alolan Dugtrio muster in your loins?


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