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There was a time when things were more simple for us Pokémon fans. When Pokémon GO hadn't yet ravaged our world and we only had to keep track of some 250 pocket monsters. A time before mega evolutions, where you could always count on Team Rocket being miserable bad guys and actually still believe in Ash's Pokémon master dreams.

Things are not that black and white in anymore, which is mostly a good thing. But that doesn't mean we can't take a nostalgic look back on how things were back when Luigia, Mewtwo and Ho-Oh ruled the realms of Kanto and Johto.

12 Curiosities You Might Not Have Noticed In Early Pokémon Games

Today, the Pokémon games that comprise the franchise's first two generations are around twenty years old. But even though you probably sank hundreds of hours into Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Gold when you were younger, we're pretty sure we got some new information in the games for you to discover.

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So go upstairs, find the box containing your old Game Boy Color and put in some new batteries. Because it's time to squeeze the last little-known drops out of those dear, old games.

Some Slot Machines Are Better Than Others

Remember how hard it was to win anything on the damn slot machines in Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow? Well, apparently there is one slot machine in each Game Corner with slightly better odds than the rest, but they are blocked by NPC's during day in the one place and night in the other place. So get there at the right time!

The Bouncing Pokéball

Fun fact! In the title screen of Pokémon Red and Blue, the pokéball held in the hand of the trainer only bounces when the Pokémon leaving the screen is one of the three starters.

Care For Your Pokémon's Health

In Pokémon Crystal, Silver and Gold, your Pokémon become unhappy when they faint. But if they faint due to poison in the overworld or in battle against an opponent 30 levels or more above them, their happiness will drop five times more than had they fainted in any other way.

Catch Your Pokémon At The Right Time

When catching Pokémon in Pokémon Red, Yellow or Blue, the highest catch rate is achieved when you bring a Pokémon below 33% of its maximum health. Though if you use a Great Ball, the best catch rate already happens below 50% health.

The Clouds Are Always The Same

The clouds in the background of the title screen of Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Gold are exactly the same. They're just colored differently.

To Freeze That Which Is Already Frozen

In Pokémon Crystal, Silver and Gold, Tri Attack is the only move capable of freezing Ice-type Pokémon and burning Fire-type Pokémon.

Solving The Vermilion Puzzle

When venturing inside the Vermilion Gym in Pokémon Red and Blue, there's a 25 percent chance the second switch to the puzzle is in the top left can, no matter where the first one was.

Leveling In The Right Spot

When you catch a Pokémon in the wild in Pokémon Crystal, leveling it up in the area where it was caught increases the Pokémon's happiness twice as much as doing it in any other place.

Forced Animations In The Final Rival Battle

In Pokémon Blue, Red and Yellow battle animations are turned on during the final battle against your rival, even if you've disabled them previously.

Your Gender Decides Your Teacher

When you first leave your hometown in Pokémon Crystal, the gender of your character decides what color hair and clothes the guy teaching you to catch Pokémon will have.

Only One HM Move In The Bank

HM moves like Surf, Fly or Strength are powerful enough to interact with the world outside of Pokémon battles. Therefore you couldn't deposit a Pokémon who had learned more than one HM move to the Pokémon daycare in Pokémon Yellow, Red and Blue.

A Love Ball Works Best If Genders Are The Same

In Pokemon Crystal, Silver and Gold, a Love Ball increases the catch rate when the gender of the player's Pokémon and the wild Pokémon are the same and not, as you might think, opposite. Thumps up for the inclusiveness!

Do you know any curiosities we forgot? Let us know in the comments!

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