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It seems that Nintendo has been doing a bit of spring cleaning on their official Japanese and American YouTube channels. It might not seem like anything special, but it's what they've decided to take down that has fans of the Pokemon abuzz with speculation.

Has Nintendo Revealed A Switch Version Of 'Pokemon Sun And Moon'?

Nintendo's bout of housekeeping mostly cleared out old videos. Among the older clutter, however, a far more recent Nintendo Direct video was removed from the official pages. The video, released last February, was the official reveal of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Since hasn't removed any of the other reveal videos and left the Pokemon X and Y content up on the channel, fans have begun to speculate that Nintendo may be clearing up any promotional material that could cause confusion in advance of a reveal of Pokemon Stars.

Pokemon Stars is the mysterious Pokemon project set for the Switch, leaked last year to the public. Nintendo has given no definite information on what Stars will be exactly, but many believe it will be the Switch version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which has been rumored to be in the works for a while.

A report from Eurogamer last November claimed the game would be released in mid-2017, but there's been no official reveal or announcement from Nintendo or Game Freak thus far. But with Microsoft showing off Project Scorpio at E3 and Sony likely to unveil a bevvy of exclusive games, a Switch port of Pokemon Sun and Moon could be just what Nintendo needs to keep the Switch momentum going.

Between the video being taken down and the announcement that a new Nintendo Direct will be up very soon, many fans are all but convinced that Pokemon Stars is just over the horizon, but as compelling as the rumors might be, there's no hard proof of anything as yet. Still, it'd be pretty sweet to have a bit of Pokemon Sun and Moon gaming on your TV, especially if they add in a bunch of new content to explore (and new Pokemon for me to mess up drawing).


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