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It's no secret that the ‘gotta catch ‘em all’ obsession has gripped, well, all the nations. Every industry, in every country, is trying to make the most of the latest Pokémon craze.

Included in this, as expected, is the stationary industry — as all the kids head back to school (finally), the Pokémon stationary bizz is booming.

But do these pencil pushing companies actually know what Pokémon is? Apparently not, to hilarious effect!

You Call That Pokémon Stationary?!

NeoGaf user, SalvaPot was the first to notice this particularly strange listing on Amazon. When shopping around for the latest Pokémon related stationary, he stumbled across a pretty cool looking collection of paperclips.

Of course, the poke-crazed fan had to have ‘em, but it wasn’t until he took a closer look that he noticed something untoward. Before I go into the details, can you tell me what is wrong with this picture?

Abseco 7 Pcs Pokemon Bookmark Paperclips
Abseco 7 Pcs Pokemon Bookmark Paperclips

Yup, that is indeed The Land Before Time crew you are looking at. Abseco are either totally unaware of the situation (and have hired terrible researchers), or are trying to sneak surplus stock into the Pokémon boat.

Maybe Abseco are preying on poké-naive parents? Either way, it's pretty funny and I am sure there are more examples like this out there, but this really did make me chuckle.

I had a further look and found that you can also buy a 7 piece 'Pokemon' Soft Zipper Pull pack...

Clearly no clue. At least The Land Before Time is a rocking series; I wouldn’t mind being in receipt of such a paperclip, if I'm honest. Added to Basket.

Have you seen any more Pokémon related retail blunders like this?

[Source: NeoGaff]


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