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An all-new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon games has been released upon the world, teasing us with not only the evolutions for the three new starter Pokémon, but also the release date for a special downloadable demo that will become available on October 18th! Seems everything's coming up Pokémon nowadays!

But in the midst of all the hype for the new game, we couldn't help but notice a few things that could very well be foretelling future developments in the Pokémon saga.

Anime-Exlusive Ash-Greninja Available in New Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo

Not only will you get to roam the Alolan islands a few weeks early in the new demo, you'll be able to do so accompanied by the most exclusive Pokémon ever—Greninja! But not just any Greninja... the anime-exlusive Ash-Greninja, a special form of the bipedal, frog-like Pokémon known only to the Greninja owned by Ash in the Pokémon animated series!

This version of Greninja sports a unique red stripe down the middle of its head, as well as black face wings, almost as though imitating the pattern of Ash's hat. While we don't know yet if this new version of Greninja will come with a unique move set, we do know you'll be able to transfer him over to the full version of Pokémon Sun and Moon upon the game's release on November 18th!

Watch Ash-Greninja in the Pokémon XY Anime Series:

Check out Greninja's appearance in the Pokémon XY anime in this clip from the 100th episode, A Festival of Decisions!

Could Ash-Greninja Pave the Way for More Anime Tie-Ins in the Future?

It's not often that the Pokémon games so closely tie-in with the animated series. Pokémon Yellow allowed us to travel along with Ash and Pikachu in a version of the original Pokémon games altered to be more like the anime, but aside from that, the games usually steer clear of Ash and his adventures to allow room for your own adventures. Could this addition of anime-exclusive Ash-Greninja in Pokémon Sun and Moon be a harbinger of more anime tie-ins to come? Perhaps we'll be seeing more anime versions of Pokémon, as well as characters, available for download following Sun and Moon's release?

I'm also curious about the relationship between trainer and Pokémon and how this could be further developed within the Pokémon Sun and Moon games. We've already gotten a glimpse of this increasingly symbiotic relationship in the upcoming Z-moves—could this inclusion of the Ash version of Greninja be foretelling further Pokémon/trainer customizations, or even special forms?

For now, only time will tell, but it's certainly an interesting thing to think about as the release date for Pokémon Sun and Moon looms ever closer. It would certainly be neat, though, if your Pokémon could actually wield forms exclusive to you, their trainer!

Watch the All-New Trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon Below:

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What do you think about the inclusion of Ash-Greninja in the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo? Would you like to see more exclusive anime-themed downloads in the future? Let us know!


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