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Calling all cars! There's been a Pokémergency!

Nearly the entire Pokédex for Pokémon Sun and Moon has been... leaked?!

That's right! The Pokémon Sun and Moon demo was released on 3DS yesterday in certain parts of the world, and hackers, data miners, and fans alike got right to work crackin' that code and pulling as many assets as possible as soon as the coveted download appeared in the Nintendo eShop. The result? Sprites for nearly the entire Pokédex, including the final evolutions of the starters, new Alola forms, and even... the ultra beasts?!

Hold your breath, 'cuz you're gonna need a towel after being doused with these leaks!

Major spoiler alert -- You've been warned!

Pokémon Sun and Moon Leaks Reveal Final Evolutions of Starter Pokémon

Remember waaaaay back in the year? When a supposed Chinese source leaked a whole bunch of Pokémon Sun and Moon info and images? (and by "waaaay back" I mean two months ago). Well, it looks like that "source" may have been an actual source! The three starter Pokémon final evolutions leaked back in August have turned out to be correct!

Meet the final evolutions of Litten, Popplio, and Rowlet!

Litten forgoes its days of walking on all fours to become some kind of... WWE wrestler, Popplio becomes the most fabulous mermaid we've ever seen, and Rowlet turns into what appears to be an... owl ninja?!

Pretty badass, if you ask me. I'll have a hard time deciding between Popplio and Rowlet for my starter.

New Alola Forms

One of the most exciting new features in Sun and Moon is the inclusion of Alola forms for the original 150 Pokémon (this leak pretty much confirms that there will be no Alola forms for anything other than generation one Pokémon), and we've gotten ourselves an exclusive peak at some as-of-yet-unrevealed Alola forms amongst the goodies!

For instance... Persian! The evolved form of Meowth (whose Alola form we'd already seen):

Or how about Geodude, Graveler, and Golem, all of them now boasting impressive rocky facial hair?

And it appears Diglett and Dugtrio have turned into... blonde bombshells?!

Remember Those Two Pokémon on the Game Covers?

Of course, the most important Pokémon in any generation of Pokémon games are always the two on the covers, right? And the Pokémon "cover models" for Pokemon Sun and Moon are pretty epic, yes?

Well, check out what they evolve from!

I-... is that a smiling ball of fluff with puffy ears?! And I'm not even sure how to describe the bottom one...

And What About the Ultra Beasts?!

Not much is known about "ultra beasts," the newest addition to the world of Pokémon. Only that they're hella strange-looking, and that they "possess powers that could pose a threat to humans and Pokémon." Scary, right?

Well, turns out there's eight of the bad boys!

Do these things scream "some kind of alien life-form" or is it just me? Whilst we now know what they look like, we'll still have to wait for the actual game release to find out their true nature, it seems.

Shinies, Shinies, Shinies!

And, of course, what would Pokémon be without its shiny sprites? Seems Pokémon Sun and Moon will not disappoint! Everything gets its own shiny sprite... even the ultra beasts! And, personally, I like some of these better than their original color schemes...

But That's Not All...

One of the biggest information disseminators is Kaphotics, and you can check out his three "data mine" videos for all the rest of the information and pictures. Other discoveries include details about various new moves, base stats for some of the first Pokémon you'll encounter (as well as Ash-Greninja, whose stats have been slightly increased), item sprites, ribbons, and more.

Seems there are a total of around 800 Pokémon within the game, 186 trainer classes, and 720 new moves. You'll wanna check out his videos for yourself (so long as they haven't been taken down) for all the rest of the pictures and juicy tidbits.

All Aboard the Pokémon Sun and Moon Hype Train!

I don't know about you all, but this has me all the more excited for Pokémon Sun and Moon. With so many different Pokémon, different Pokémon forms, secrets and mysteries, customizability, this really is shaping up to be the biggest and most epic Pokémon game to date!

Will there be any additional leaks before the actual game launches on November 18? Who knows! But this has certainly given us a lot to whet our appetites with.

Have the final evolutions for the starter Pokémon changed your opinion on which one to choose? What's your favorite Alola form so far? Have these leaks hyped you up as much as they have me?!

[Source: Kaphotics]


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