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The Pokémon Sun and Moon demo is out in the wilds. This sneak peak at what's to come has already given fans some insight into the full Pokédex and final starter evolutions, along with some other enticing features. But one of the more obscure aspects of the demo, which has Poké-fans frantic, is a particular NPC—and it ain't the handsome Professor Willow.

It's the self-proclaimed 'mysterious old man', a figure that has actually given Pokémon players sleepless nights in their attempts to uncover the significance of his presence. Let's break down this bizarre narrative.

Mysterious Old Man Has Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Players Très Confused

The old man appears through normal gameplay, at the end of the Mahalo Trail. Players can access the area by jumping on the back of a Ride Pokémon and charging through a bunch of rocks at the end of said trail. You'll have to repeat this action every day if you wish to return to him. And you're gonna want to return.

The first time you meet the mysterious old man he emerges—rather creepily—from behind a sinister-looking totem pole. He then begins to spout a ton of nonsense, like this: "Can't resist the siren song of my shiny head." Riiiight... But aside from him concealing himself at the outset, you wouldn't think anything untoward was going on here to look at him. He's just a nerdy old dude who lacks any sense of style—no offence, old man.

But needless to say, his appearance and strange arrival have fans obsessed.

The Pokémon Sun and Moon demo boasts a variety of changes provided the player engages with the game over a consecutive number of days. Keep coming back and you'll notice new dialogue lines, the movement of NPCs, different Pokémon; stuff like that. So naturally, fans believe that something will eventually happen with the mysterious old man if they keep returning, because... well... the guy said he was mysterious!

Should you return to the old fellow every day, he comments on the number of times that you've returned. However, his song remains unchanged, incessantly maintaining that he's "got nothing for you." He even says that if the player returns tomorrow he "still won't have anything!" You think that'd be enough to force us all to leave the poor old dude alone, but naturally we're obsessed with ruining his alone time with that totem.

After all, we know not to trust people that are so emphatic about having nothing to hide.

The significance of the mysterious old man will remain a mystery if the demo doesn't change his interactions over the coming days. But you know that Pokémon players will be keeping a keen eye on his activities! So we'll be sure to update if his disturbing intentions (we're assuming that they're disturbing) are unveiled.

What do you make of the mysterious old man?


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