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Earlier in the year Nintendo unveiled this generation's trio of Pokemon starters, forcing fans to cast their allegiances (and Pokeballs) early in the run up to Sun and Moon's November 18 release date.

The announcement of Rowlet, Litten and Popplio received a mixed reaction, though perhaps their more powerful evolved forms -- recently revealed in a brand new trailer -- will prove more palatable. Meet Dartrix, Torracat and Brionne!

Rowlet, Dartrix...?

Litten, Torracat...?

Popplio, Brionne...?

Well now, they're a little more exotic -- perfect for the tropical wilds that make up the Alola Region.

Watch the full trailer revealing the new starter evolved forms below:

What about their final evolved forms?

Of course, getting a sweet taste of the starters' second evolved form has only whetted my appetite for the full evolutions. Although Nintendo appears to be saving these designs as a surprise, a leaked piece of concept art that surfaced last year might tell us all we need to know.

These certainly look like the logical evolutionary conclusions to what's been confirmed. I'd be surprised if these weren't rough drawings for the official designs.

Pokemon Sun and Moon's New Features

A bunch of additional features for Pokemon Sun and Moon were also confirmed in the trailer, including.

  • Festival Plaza, a connected multiplayer area in which you can earn coins by fulfilling other players' requests
  • Poke Pelago, where the Pokemon you banish to the PC now live
  • Isle Evelup where you can leave your Pokemon to train

But, most importantly, after much doubt and uncertainty, we can confirm that...

Mega Evolutions are back!

'Nuff said.

November 18 cannot come soon enough!

What's your take on the evolved starter forms?


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