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Pokémon Sun and Moon are close at hand. The two games will be reintroducing us to some nostalgic delights and showing us stuff we never thought possible. But while the developers are keen on taking us all by surprise on November 18, it's been difficult for Game Freak to keep a lid on the secrets of . But the latest leak is potentially the biggest of the lot.

So, obviously, I gotta warn you of impending . Crazy big spoilers. The kind of spoilers that will change your life (exaggeration)! So, if you're the kind of gamer who doesn't want these games ruined for you, get out while you still can!

Tons Of Deets Leak Regarding Pokémon Sun And Moon

Have you discovered the Final Evolutions of the Starter Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon? If not, check out the video below!

Welcome to spoiler territory.

So, it seems that an anonymous gamer on 4chan managed to get their hands on an early copy of one of the games. They took to the internet to reveal a whole torrent of information pertaining to Sun and Moon, a lot of which fans should find pretty interesting. Data-miner Kaphotics was the first to reveal this information to us all via their YouTube channel. You can find the video in question below.

In the clip they detail the stats of the three starter Pokémon; details that fans should find extremely interesting when taking into consideration how to start Sun and Moon. Here's how the video broke down the newbies:


This here is Decidueye, the final evolution of Rowlette. The mon is considered a mixed attacker and can only be obtained, at the earliest, at level 34 according to these stats. This information has actually changed people's minds regarding how they'll tackle the game, often making this dude a priority.


Litten's final evolution on the other hand appears to be a pretty slow dude. While the Pokémon's attack stat is pretty solid, the creature is lacking in other areas and can only be obtained at level 43. Still interested in Litten?


The final evolution of Popplio, Primarina, has plenty of special attack moves and defensive abilities to learn, though this adorable mon is also kinda slow. However, Primarina can be obtained as early as level 32.

A lot of players feel that Rowlette is the best option based on these stats, do you agree?


Which starter will you pick?

Fan Theory Proved To Be Right

Along with all this data, leaks were able to confirm a fan theory that rocked the Poké-world a while back. Pokémon Sun And Moon's story has leaked via a ton of pictures on imgur, with some purporting to show the true final boss. Here it is:


And the fan theory that was confirmed? The Aether Foundation is just a shady as we thought they were and the Ultra Beasts are apparently confirmed to have some sort of connection with humans. Mass experimentation on mons, people!

This is a ton of information to take in, but thankfully reddit has broken down all of the vital information in a comprehensive post for those willing to have the whole game spoiled.

So what do you think of all this noise? Are you excited for Pokémon Sun and Moon? Will you be changing you starter mon based on the stats? Let us know in the comments!


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