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Did that picture fool you?!

It's not actually from the new Pokémon anime, though it might as well be considering how different the new Pokémon Sun and Moon anime series is looking, only more so with every new teaser we get. The newest selection of images released in a recent magazine clipping have revealed the series will be decidedly... goofier than we'd anticipated?

Yeah, yeah, the picture on the right shows us some of the new characters and all that (oh, look! shirtless teacher-man!), but on the left is--WHAT IS THAT?!

"You serious?" says Ash, as do we all.
"You serious?" says Ash, as do we all.

Who just stabbed Ash in both of his nostrils simultaneously?

What is wrong with Ash and Pikachu's faces?!

The Japanese text's only explanation for this buffoonery is that the anime will be "full of gags."

"An all-new adventure full of gags!!""Tension runs thick in this new world... There's not a moment to lose! Ash's zaniest adventure is about to unfold!""It's basically a festival of gags!"

Last time, I gathered some opinions from Japanese YouTubers, but this time I took to 2chan, the Japanese forum, for opinions on this gag-tastic development. The results were, well, as expected, really.

"Looks like [Gyuudon] Gaiji.""The animation really pulled a 180, didn't it?""Looks lame.""This isn't Ash. This is the Anti-Ash."”Looks like that old Pocket Monsters manga.""This looks like crap compared to hottie Ash in XY.""Why does he have a mustache though...""Didn't he always have brown eyes before?""How did this happen?!""Hate it. Looks just like Gyuudon Gaiji.""It hurts to look at."

In case you're wondering what they keep referring to with "Gyuudon Gaiji":

The comments go on...

"Just turn it into the old Pocket Monsters manga already...""He got weird when he left Serena.""I hate mustache-Ash.""It's just 'cuz they wanna keep making tons of companies. It'll happen every time.""I'd prefer if they just made an anime of the old Pocket Monsters manga.""Wonder if they're trying to go the Yokai Watch and Cocotama route."

And in case you don't know what that "old Pocket Monsters manga" is:

It's a little bit horrifying...
It's a little bit horrifying...

It doesn't stop with comments, though! Some users have even gone so far as to create comics expressing their opinions on the matter.

Ash: "Our adventures in Kalos aren't over yet!"Serena: "Even though the anime will be taking a little break."Ash: "In the meantime, have fun with my Alola relative, Ash Jr.!"

Girl #1: "What a cute kid~"Girl #2: "My hero!"Girl #3: "..."

Or how about this hilarious rendition of the reaction guys, well, reacting to Ash?

Seems opinions on "Ash's all-new adventure" are worsening even as I type this sentence. What's gonna happen once the anime actually starts? Will it be as bad as everyone's fearing? Or will fans grow to accept this new version of Ash and his "festival of gags?"

The 2ch people left us one last image in order to compare the protagonists of Pokémon across every single series thus far:

Ash and co. have certainly changed over the seasons, but this does seem to be the biggest change to date, and not necessarily in a good way according to some. Should we stick to Pokémon Generations? Or spend the rest of our days living in the past?

What do YOU think about this new direction the anime's headed? Will you still be watching it come November? Or will you sit this one out? Let us know!

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