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It looks like folks on Twitter are discovering some very bizarre glitches in . The glitches are absolutely horrifying, and remind us of the bizarre missing faces that cropped up in a certain title that you may remember. Apparently the bugs are very rare, which only makes them weirder, perhaps these copies are haunted by a ghost in the machine?

Pokémon Sun and Moon Glitches Are Haunting Players' 3DSes

For more on the in Sun and Moon, be sure to check out the trailer below!

Space folds in on itself as the Alola large hadron collider is activated.

We dance the dance of the cosmos, without care for gravity.

Sir, there's nothing a Pokecenter can do for you now.

We have become one flesh, one form.

Won't you join us?

He won't tell anyone where he went, but he's never been the same since.

After all that horror, let's have a little something to cleanse the palate, turns out there's a cute little hidden animation you can get by spinning around fast.

How lovely, how sweet!

How unprepared for what awaits her.

Found any creepy glitches in Pokémon Sun and Moon?


Which potentially haunted version of Pokemon Sun and Moon are you buying?


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