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For fanatics, Nuzlocke mode is one of the most rigorous challenges you can undertake in these games; a strict ruleset is enforced on the player and it's tough to keep you and your Pokémon alive. These rules eventually gained such notoriety that they were added as a mode by fan project Pokemon Uranium.

However, one player may have pulled off an even greater feat, clearing the entirety of using a Pokémon that might be cuter than Mimikyu— depending on your point of view.

Nakano Has Cleared Pokémon Sun And Moon Using Only A Magikarp

Imagine playing the entirety of Pokémon Sun And Moon with only a useless fish, albeit an endearing one. Well, Japanese player Nakano undertook this feat and managed to come out on top. Having to come up with a number of unique strategies that took guile and patience, before immortalizing their achievement on Twitter, this must have been quite a ride.

The Strategy Behind A Magikarp Only Run

The Magikarp known as 'Yashoku' only has the move 'Flail', an attack that gets stronger the lower your HP is, and is equipped with an Everstone to prevent it from evolving into Gyarados.

Some people have doubted the validity of the claim, noting that Flail would have no effect on ghost type Pokémon. Nakano responded that you'd have to use up the power points of Flail after which you can use 'Struggle'—a self-damaging move that also hits ghosts.

The reverse strategy that Nakano claims to employ in tough battles would need to be used repeatedly, and he'd have to have waited until the opponent had used all of their power points, thus leaving them struggling until they fainted. Sounds plausible, right?

On the flip side of the coin, a number of other users stepped up to praise the stripless Nemo and it's intrepid trainer, and we can hardly blame them!

True, it's hard imaging someone putting the time, effort and healing potions in to clear Pokémon Sun And Moon with a single Magikarp before I've even finished it, but that seems to be the case.

Thought it's not the first time someone went above and beyond with a Pokémon game—Twitch channel Pokémon Challenges took two attempts to clear Pokemon Fire Red using only a Rattata and succeeded—it's a damn impressive feat nonetheless.


Do you think Nakano cleared Pokemon Sun / Moon with just a Magikarp?

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