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"How the little piglets would grunt if they knew how the old boar suffered."
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Most Pokémon are somewhere on the scale between cute and frightening, but we also have those that are borderline creepy such as Grimer, Drowzee and Duskull to name just a few. Eating dreams through noses, spiriting away disobedient children and living in waste polluted lakes, these Pokémon are not for the faint of heart.

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The new game and anime series have not just added to this list, but, in turn, created a Pokémon altogether different. For many different reasons, Mimikyu was one of the most overwhelming of the new additions for the Pokémon community when it was first shown in-game. It wears a disguise so that it can make friends with humans—how adorable! Or is it...?

The Anime Reveals All: Don't Be Fooled By This Guise In Pokémon Sun & Moon

While Mimikyu was all together cute and disturbing in the games, the little mon has just been introduced to us in the Pokemon Sun & Moon anime series—it was horrifying.

In the latest episode aired in Japan, Team Rocket, who have just arrived in the Alola region, run into the little cutie while walking through the forest. What happens next shocked Team Rocket as much as it shocked the audience.

Meowth attempts to talk with Mimikyu, and tries to relay what it has said back to the group. Mimikyu chokes and splutters, apparently telling Meowth such terrifying things that he is provoked into attacking, which doesn't go exactly to plan. Meowth lifts up the innocent Pikachu disguise to reveal a horrifying cloud of darkness, which sends Meowth into a trippy, hypnotic state.

Here are how some reacted to the terrifying reveal:

What Do We Know About Mimikyu?

Nope, nope, nope, nope.
Nope, nope, nope, nope.

What we see is clearly not all that we get with Mimikyu, who is, at best, a severely disturbed Pokémon.

  • According to the official Pokemon Sun & Moon site, people in the Alola region believe that those who are actually unlucky enough to see what is beneath Mimikyu's cloth are stricken with a terrible illness.
  • Others say that it hides away under the costume because, like a miniature vampire, its health will fail in direct sunlight.
  • Because of this affliction, it lives in the dark corners of the world, alone with its own depressed and hatred-filled thoughts.
  • From what we learn in the anime, Mimikyu actually hates Pikachu. He wears the costume not out of devotion, but rather out of jealousy, bitterness and contempt.

Some Pokédex entries have always been pretty bleak, but Mimikyu, with its pure hatred disguised by an adorable appearance, takes the franchise to the next, darker level.

If you want to see more of the new Pokemon Sun & Moon anime series, then take a look at the trailer below.

Tell us what you think of Mimikyu, or any other new Pokémon, in the comments section below!


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