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It's clear that there's a lot to love about . Reviewers are tripping over themselves to shower the games with praise, the Legendaries on display are glorious—and tough to catch—and I don't think we've ever seen hairstyles so fine! But for all their merits, Pokémon Sun and Moon are not without their frustrations.

One of the most common grievances that players are experiencing relates to one of the newer on display: Salandit. And wouldn't you know that it's all about sex. As in gender. There's no sex in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Obviously.

Salandit Is One Frustrating Pokémon To Evolve In Pokémon Sun and Moon

A fan of Pokémon Sun and Moon? You should check out how crazy the characters look in the new anime!

As is the case with a lot of mons, Salandit has both male and female forms. However, the male one is far more popular in both Sun and Moon. In fact, only 12.5% of the species are female.

This makes things a little more complicated for completionists as you can only evolve the poison-and-fire-type lizard into Salazze (love that sizzling name) once you get a female Salandit to level 33. This is one elusive lady, and players are certainly feeling the frustrations as they attempt to uncover her.

But the real question is whether Salandit is actually worth all of the effort. Is Salazzle really that cool?


Oh, yes. Yes she is. What a Queen!

Let us know if you happen to stumble upon a female Salandit on your journeys through the wilds of the Alola region!


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