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Just when we thought things couldn't get any better regarding the —especially with its super cheap price having been leaked—a report comes along detailing how this innovative little console will be the first of its kind to feature one of those RPGs we love so much. If that's not a great piece of news, then I don't know what is!

Let's dive in.

The Nintendo Switch Will Have Its Own Version Of Pokémon Sun and Moon

Have you checked out how weird all the characters look in the new Pokémon Sun and Moon anime?!

Hot off the presses via a variety of reliable sources, Eurogamer reported earlier today that the Nintendo Switch will have its own exclusive version of Pokémon Sun and Moon. The game is apparently already "well into development," and is due to launch at some point in 2017. The game's codename is Pokémon Stars.

This isn't the first time we've seen Nintendo deploy this release strategy; Pokémon Yellow followed Game Boy originals Red and Blue and several other releases have done the same. However, Pokémon Stars will mark the first time that a home console will feature a version of our beloved Pokémon RPGs. What a huge step for the franchise, and on such an exciting console to boot!

Eurogamer pointed out that we've actually seen Pokémon Stars in development very briefly in February. The reveal teaser for culminates in "split-second shots of Game Freak staff [...] working on Sun and Moon spliced with quick flashes of in-game concept art and models, including this HD in-game model for new bird Pokémon Pikipek." HD Pokémon, guys!!

Pokemon Stars.
Pokemon Stars.

Why Buy Two Versions Of Pokémon Sun And Moon?

According to Eurogamer's sources, it'll be worth your while owning two versions of the game as Pokémon will be tradable between the Switch and 3DS. Additionally, rumors of additional Pokémon on the Switch version have reached the ears of staff writers. The games will feature the same maps, however, and the same art style, but the resolution should be much higher.

Additionally, redditor IdJarmin made a very good point when putting hindsight to use:

Maybe other people have noticed this before, but in light of Eurogamer's report today, this just makes sense.

You get a special Pulverizing Snorlax from Pokemon Sun/Moon IF you buy before...January 11, 2017.

What happens the day after January 11? The Nintendo Switch presentation (well, that's the US date--I know it'll be the 13th in Japan).

Pulverizing Snorlax is an attempt to get people to buy the 3DS version before they announce the Switch version and potentially cannibalize sales.

I like your thinking, sir.

Could We See Improved Multiplayer?

With Pokémon Stars arriving on the Nintendo Switch next year, could we see the game's already stellar multiplayer and online features be improved? Imagine being able to trade and fight players around the globe in a variety of new ways. There's already a 4-player battle mode on the way for Sun and Moon, called Battle Royale, so let's hope the Nintendo Switch makes better use of its multiplayer capabilities!

What do you make of Pokémon Stars? Are you excited for a Pokémon game to finally arrive on a home console? Let us know!

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