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A poster for the upcoming Pokemon games Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has appeared in the wild. The poster shows our trainers surrounded by the final forms of the three starters and flanked by Lillie, Hau, and Gladion. Let's take a closer look at the poster and see what clues we can draw out from it.

It is a pretty dynamic poster huh??
It is a pretty dynamic poster huh??

Lillie's Fashion Choices

lillie's original look [Credit: Nintendo]
lillie's original look [Credit: Nintendo]

If you paid any attention to the plot of Pokemon Sun and Moon you will notice that Lillie looks different here than she did for the majority of the first games. In Sun and Moon Lillie wore a large hat and carried around a big bag until the end. Her look changed when she became inspired by the player's character to become a Pokemon trainer to prove herself to her mom and to herself. She calls this style her Z-Power form.

Now when we last saw Lillie at the end of Sun and Moon she was headed to Kanto to become a Pokemon trainer. I would say that this sequel would feature her return but Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon take place in an alternate universe from the first games. It could be that in the new games universe that Lillie has already become a trainer or that she was a trainer to begin with. We will have to wait and see.

Necrozma's New Forms

If you look closely in the background you can spot what looks to be the two new forms of Necrozma. The one on the left appears to be the Dusk Mane form which is the form Necrozma achieves when taking over Solgaleo. On the right would be the Dawn Wings form of Necrozma which it becomes after taking over Lunala.

A Strange Portal And Mysterious Figures

At the very top of the poster you can see what appears to be a dark portal. This portal could be an Ultra Space wormhole. However, this portal is dark in color while the Ultra Space portals in Sun and Moon were a bright white and blue. The portal looks more like the portal that Giratina uses to travel through dimensions rather than an Ultra Space portal like the one Lillie's mom Lusamine used.

Ultra Space Portals In Sun and Moon [Credit: Nintendo]
Ultra Space Portals In Sun and Moon [Credit: Nintendo]

In addition, there are strange looking figures lurking above the main portion of the poster. At first I suspected these people to be Team Skull members but after a closer look they don't seem to be wearing the right outfits. The figures are wearing lighter clothes which could indicate that they are part of the Aether Foundation. But their outfits seem too bulky for that to be the case. Perhaps they are the alternate universe version of the Aether employees?

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be released on November 17 this year. What do you make of this new poster. Who are the mystery figures? Be sure to comment your response down below.

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