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Hope you love ! The newest mainline Pokémon game is a sequel to the well-received Sun and Moon.

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have announced Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for release November 17th and only for the 3DS –– yup, no Switch release (yet?) but you can get an updated version of Pokken Tournament soon and that's cool.

So what do we know about Ultra?

The New Games Will Have Extra Features And Of Course New Pokémon

Squeezed into the back-end of a -centered Nintendo Direct came an unexpected trailer for Ultra Sun & Moon. At the moment we know little outside the tidbits of info given to us in the presentation and trailer.

  • Alternate Story in Alola
  • New Pokémon
  • Other Additional Features (gameplay additions?)
  • Lots of Pikachu
  • Mascot Legendaries have armor(?)
  • New clothes and hair styles, because, why not?

After the trailer was shown, Ultra games' director Junichi Masuda said:

These are versions perfectly suited for the title "Ultra"

What exactly will be added to the title to make it worthy of being "Ultra" – a story dealing with the new Ultra Beasts? Whatever this is will remain to be seen at a later date, but for now speculation.

Is It More Than Just A Recycled World?

With not even out for a full year, this is a valid question: how much will be new and how much recycled? Games aren't made overnight, especially a new Pokémon game. The developers had to have already been working on the new game for a while or reusing much of the previous game to get the Ultra titles out so soon.

However, releasing a sequel to a new Pokémon game isn't a first. Black and White 2 was the series's first. It was a direct sequel to a mainline Pokémon title. added several new towns, started the player off in a new city, and brought in a satisfying number of Pokémon and characters from previous titles to make it all worthwhile.

It's also possible that the success of Sun and Moon allowed the developers to add in originally planned Pokémon and content. That's never a bad thing, but does make you wonder, why not just a cheaper DLC expansion rather than a full game? Maybe it's just not 's thing?

Those looking for a completely new experience may not find it with the upcoming Ultra games. But for those that can't get enough Pokémon and , they'll have every excuse to pick up this new title regardless of what more we learn about it. Thankfully, E3 isn't too far away. I have no doubt Nintendo will be sure to let us know plenty more about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Hopefully it's news that really makes these games all the worthwhile.


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