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Are we about to see new life spring from the wells of Pokémon GO? Recent issues with updates and a decrease in player numbers has prompted Niantic to try and revive the community.

Some clever people at /r/TheSilphRoad (a major network of players) had been looking into the v0.45 APK data and discovered a whole load of info for us.

Since then, we've seen the confirmation of Ditto, leading us to believe they're pretty right about Gen 2 Pokémon already being implemented into the game's code...

...And Now We Have This

[Credit: /u/alturrisi on Reddit]
[Credit: /u/alturrisi on Reddit]

The important part is up there on the top left.

In a capitalist's wet-dream, we see The Pokémon Company team up with Starbucks to bring us... a new Pokemon GO Frappuccino? Plus some new Pokémon too.

The update, which will roll out on December 8, will see Starbucks' "majority of company-operated stores across the United States" turn into Pokéstops or gyms.

At the Pokéstops you'll be able to spin the icon and receive access to the special Frappuccino, and this is apparently for Pokémon GO players only.

[Credit: /u/CherryManUniverse on Reddit]
[Credit: /u/CherryManUniverse on Reddit]

Here's another confirmation to silence the skeptics.

So Which New Pokémon Are Coming To Pokemon GO?

As of yet, there aren't any leads as to the identity of the new Pokémon. However, it's most likely one of the following:

  • Legendary Pokémon: Could we see any of the legendary birds? Will they drop Mew or Mewtwo at a Starbucks event?
  • Gen 2 Starters: Niantic is highly unlikely to drop all of the second generation (Gold and Silver games) Pokémon with this, but since the new starter Pokémon are ready they might come first.
  • Region Exclusives: Unless you travel to each of Niantic's set geographical regions you can't catch 'em all. Maybe this is a way of changing that (at least, temporarily)

It's extremely unlikely we'll see any Alolan forms any time soon though seeing as they're not in the code yet, so I'd rule that out.

The major issue with all this is that it's only set to release in the U.S. so far, which leads us to question what they'll do for the rest of the world's Pokémon Trainers. Is it fair for Niantic to only give Starbucks customers access to Mewtwo?

Watch 20 years of Pokemon history in just 20 seconds:

[Source: Reddit]


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