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A lot of new things are happening in Pokémon GO, from Pikachus with Santa hats to the introduction of the first Generation 2 Pokémon, and it's not stopping now: all the Pokémon that have been spawning near your house/workplace/park have been swapped out for different ones.

Missed the announcement of new Pokémon? Check this video below:

The feature works like this: there are various points which spawn specific Pokémon called nests (although some players reserve the term for a cluster of these spawn points all for the same Pokémon), and every couple of weeks the nests change Pokémon.

[Credit: GOHUB]
[Credit: GOHUB]

This means the different types of Pokémon in a specific area are changing fairly regularly, keeping the game fresh for lots of players.

You Have Two Weeks To Abuse That Pikachu Nest

The recent nest migrations have all been very consistent in the recent months, with a change in Pokémon spawns happening every two weeks.

Fan-powered Pokémon GO community site The Silph Road has a map allowing players to add known nests and spawns, which leads to something looking like this:

[Credit: The Silph Road]
[Credit: The Silph Road]

The question mark pins mean that the nest entry has not yet been confirmed, whereas the colored, numbered ones indicate a confirmed nest.

Considering the latest nest change was just yesterday, the community has certainly been busy. It may be worth checking your city/town/village in case that annoying Rattata spawner has become a Dratini nest...

Future Nest Migrations

These regular intervals of nest migration may be a blessing or a curse depending on what kind of nests are currently near you, but I have a feeling it'll be much more positive when the rest of the Generation 2 Pokémon are released.

[Credit: The Pokémon Company]
[Credit: The Pokémon Company]

With a load more of those pesky pocket monsters to catch you'll be thankful when nests to give you a much needed rotation of what's nearby.

By the time we have three or four generations of Pokémon in the game, nest rotation will likely become vital in trying to complete the Pokédex.

Legendary Nests?

Although we haven't seen the Gen 1 legendaries yet nor the rest of Gen 2, it'll be interesting to see how Niantic (creators of the app) tackle Raikou, Suicune and Entei as in the games they would roam the region and instantly run away.

[Credit: The Pokémon Company]
[Credit: The Pokémon Company]

Niantic's developers could use the system of nest migration to set points on which one of the three will spawn for a brief period before leaving again.

It would have to rotate faster than once every two weeks, but could be a creative way of introducing more legendaries to Pokemon GO.

Got any harrowing stories on how your favorite nests turned on you? Cry about it in the comments below:

[Credit: The Pokémon Company, Niantic, The Silph Road]


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