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Pokémon Go players should notice increased numbers of Pokémon in parks and outdoor locations across both rural and urban areas. An update from the official Pokémon Go Twitter account suggested the update is available immediately.

For Pokémon players out in the middle of nowhere, this comes as great news. There tends to be fewer Pokémon in areas lacking PokéStops, leaving rural players wandering around without much to do. Areas filled with PokéStops tend to see more Pokemon clustered around, making it obvious as to where to look.

It's good timing for developer Niantic Labs to increase Pokémon spawn rates anyway. Just days ago, Generation-2 Pokémon were added to the game—that means monsters like Pichu, Igglybuff, and Togepi. However, players won't see these out in the wild. The Generation-2 Pokémon added in the update are only hatched from eggs. Plus, Pikachu now wears a Santa hat.

Can 'Pokémon Go' Survive The Winter?

As the weather gets colder, it seems unlikely that players will be spending a lot of time outdoors. However, it's possible that Niantic Labs believes the spawn rate increase is enough to get players back outside. Players near Starbucks—and who isn't?—will find they've been deemed official gyms and PokéStops. The same goes for Sprint stores—10,500 locations have been named PokéStops and gyms, too.

And that's a good start for increasing Pokémon sightings in rural areas, though it doesn't necessarily make things easier. When players have to drive to get to a single PokéStop, the game can lose some of its charm.

Nest Migration

When a nest is found, however, players can count on it sticking around—though the Pokémon found there will change fairly regularly. It's an effort from Niantic Labs to keep the game fresh for players who're stuck returning to the same places over and over again. Fans have figured out that Pokémon spawn nests change around every two weeks, so there's still a bit of a delay for players looking to find new Pokemon in their area.

Still, things are rough for rural players. If there are no nests around, the nest migration is of no use. Hopefully, for those players, Niantic's tweet today will change that.

What do you think? Is this a good fix for rural players?


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