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Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp have taken a (well deserved) hit, with two of their teenage members formally arrested and charged with "conspiring to cause damage to protected computers" yesterday.

Four domains belonging to the two groups were also seized, severely hampering their degenerate efforts as of late. The two teenagers, Zachary Buchta of Maryland and Bradley van Rooy of the Netherlands, are alleged to have trafficked payment accounts as well.

Lizard Squad was responsible for a slew of DDoS attacks from 2014 to 2016, attacking Blizzard, Riot, and EA before making the fateful mistake of attacking PlayStation Network and threatening then Sony President John Smedley with a bomb on his flight.

If you've ever had issues with down servers for your games, it's likely because of DDOSers like these groups.

When the FBI First Got Involved, Lizard Squad Taunted Them

Unfortunately for them, that's what the FBI proceeded to do.

Members of Lizard Squad were investigated and prosecuted, with whoever remained seeming to fall into obscurity...until just recently.

Popping up under a new and more adorable name, PoodleCorp, attacks continued on Blizzard and Riot.

PoodleCorp even tried to capitalize on their moment in the spotlight, offering on several occasions to cease attacks if they received the required amount of attention.

Their desperate need for attention has been a contributing factor in their downfall. Never unable to resist bragging about their exploits, Twitter originally got involved and suspended their first account, providing information to authorities. Lizard Squad sprung up again, much like a multi-headed hydra, but it seems they are not as clever as they thought and the authorities have been catching up with these latest arrests.

Could this be the end of Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp?


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