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Samurai, Vikings, and Knights—oh my.

Ubisoft's upcoming beta for their highly-anticipated game For Honor is expected to hit consoles next month, and with high expectations from fans. This beta is set to hopefully fit the wants, the needs, and all the questions we have as far as the games performance goes.

So here's a few things we need to know before preparing for the beta running from January 26th to January 29th:

How Many Heroes are There?

Courtesy of Ubisoft
Courtesy of Ubisoft

In the beta, Ubisoft has announced that fans will get to play 9 out of the 12 total heroes across the three factions, giving us multiples for the Knights, Samurai, and Vikings. Hopefully this means we get to see multiple loadouts across each of the factions—maybe even with some level of customization. Who doesn't want to run around with a top knot screaming "bonzai!" if possible? I can at least run through the field with my beat-stick wielded while screaming "SHUGOKI!"

What Game Modes are There?

Courtesy of Ubisoft
Courtesy of Ubisoft

Luckily we'll get to play across three of the games five multiplayer modes. These modes will allow for teams of 4, 2, and 1 across the three modes. The modes you will see correspond with the amount of players. Dominion, Brawl, and Duel.

I Didn't Get a Code, When Can I Play?

Courtesy of Ubisoft
Courtesy of Ubisoft

If you're wanting to just wait out the extra two almost three weeks, you can snag the game up on February 14th ranging from $60 USD to $220 USD if you want the Collector's Edition and its 14-inch statue. Just remember, the game does require an internet connection, and will have single-player modes. Sadly, if you want split-screen, it's been completely cut from the game.

I do hope to see many of you running across the battlefield with me with swords, axes, and katanas raised.

Are you excited to play For Honor?


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