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A mere four days in and it seems it won't only be the women, the young, the marginalized, the elderly or the poor of America that could suffer from the... erm... much-anticipated reign of the United States of America's 45th President Donald Trump, but now America's video games industry could feel the pinch. Why? Trump is said to be readying a trade tariff which would send prices of gaming goods, amongst others, skyrocketing, just a few sleeps on from the US' step back from the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). That's why.

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In a statement from a source close to Polygon, the trade tariff was revealed to essentially be a tax on goods and services not manufactured in North America. The move—which was once also touted as a 5% tariff—is supposedly meant to reinvigorate the manufacture of goods within the country, and create new jobs for American workers under Trump's "America First" campaign.

[Credit: Reuters]
[Credit: Reuters]

As mentioned earlier in the post, the tariff could spell trouble for the Entertainment Software Association as it may have to formulate a plan to deal with a possible 10% hike on all imported gaming goods, which feels like another round in the chamber for the Nintendo Switch.

In even more enlightening news, Trump may not even have to go through Congress to usher in his tariff, as there are a few ways he can go about imposing his will real swift and real easy like. First Trump could exact an executive action and get it installed himself, or the White House could push through a tax reform—a proposition favored by Congress.

It's gonna be an interesting four years! There will be more news on this topic once more is revealed.

What do you make of this? Are we looking at the North American Video Game Crash of 2017? Or is that a little OTT?

(Sources: CNN, Polygon)


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