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Out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Prey is Arkane and Bethesda's spiritual successor to 1994's cult classic game System Shock. While it might wear its influences on its sleeve, this blend of RPG, horror and FPS feels wholly original; a startling sci-fi bricolage. I'd urge everyone to play it, though there's a few things I wish I knew before I embarked on my own journey.

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9 Things You Should Know Before Playing Prey

Even on its normal difficulty level can be a deeply unforgiving game, so conserving health, remaining aware of your surroundings, finding rare resources, secret rooms and — perhaps most importantly — choosing the best Neuromod upgrades, are all essential to surviving your trip to Talos I.

1. Approach Each Room With Vigilance And Caution

You never know where a Mimic might be hiding and if you can perform a sneak attack before it spots you you'll gain a massive damage boost.

There are telltale signs to watch out for, such as subtle audio cues when you're near an enemy in disguise and black wisps of smoke near a possible hiding spot — be it in a coffee cup, calendar or office chair. If you spot two identical objects placed next to each other, one of them may not be what it seems...

2. The Game Is Designed To Be Played Methodically — Take Your Time

Every inch of the Talos I space station is densely filled with valuable resources, hidden upgrade materials, beautiful art and subtle narrative clues that gradually pull back the curtain to reveal the truth about what's really going on. You'll want take it all in so lay off that sprint button... until those enemies come running.

3. Prioritize The Most Useful Neuromod Upgrades Early On

'Prey' [Bethesda]
'Prey' [Bethesda]

At the start of the game it would be wise to invest in the Physician I upgrade which grants access to Necropsy, allowing you to harvest more valuable organs from enemy remains, which can then be recycled for exotic materials — essential for fabricating additional Nueromods to invest in further skills. Think of this early investment as Prey's closest equivalent to the dreaded coin doubler.

4. The GLOO Cannon Is Your Best Friend

One of Prey's greatest strengths is its weapon variety, each new tool introducing new mechanics and offering multiple uses that often interact with each other in unexpected ways. The GLOO Cannon, however, is a standout. Not only can you use its foam-hardening spray to freely create platforms and pathways in 3D space, it is also vital for freezing enemies in their tracks.

Prey shares more than a few similarities with a clear inspiration, BioShock. Players of that game might remember the devastating "one-two punch" technique, stunning enemies with an electro bolt before bludgeoning their spasming body to death with your trusty wrench. The same works here, enabling you to conserve precious bullets by immobilizing enemies with the GLOO Cannon before shattering them to pieces. It's also satisfying as hell.

'Prey' [Bethesda]
'Prey' [Bethesda]

5. Loot Everything

If it's not nailed down to the ground, take it. Even though your inventory space is limited from the outset, there's still plenty of room to play with. Found a banana peel? That might just come in handy. Used cigar butts, why not? It won't be long before you run into the next Recycler, where you can dump all that junk in exchange for precious materials (used as currency for the game's inventive crafting system).

Seemingly useless items you can recycle include:

  • Crumpled paper
  • Baseball Glove
  • Compost
  • Lemon peel
  • Eeel scraps
  • Biohazard waste
  • Frayed wire

Of course, you'll want to upgrade your inventory capacity asap but you should never stop hoarding. That goes for plants as well, which you can harvest by smashing the glass containers surrounding them.

6. If You Can't Unlock A Safe / Terminal, Come Back To It Later

Prey's eerie, expansive environment is designed to be explored non-linearly. Access codes and key cards required to unlock new areas aren't always in the immediate vicinity. You might be able to hack your way through once you've upgraded your skills, but it's usually best to move on and return to the area later.

7. Turrets Are Life (And Ammo) Savers

Though the space station is largely devoid of human life, these loyal machines will have your back when it's turned. Remember that you can also pick turrets up and redeploy them in more tactical locations.

8. Destroying Medical Operators Yields Health Packs

These friendly, quipping machines might be endearing but if you ever get tired of their jokes you can always bust one open to reveal a useful health pack.

9. Stealth Is A Viable And Often Necessary Option

Get used to the crouch and lean buttons as enemies become tougher deeper into the game. Like Arkane's other celebrated series Dishonored, situations can be approached in a multitude of ways and combat encounters avoided completely. Neuromod upgrades will also improve your powers of evasion.

Do your research on the mysterious forces you'll be facing:


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