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Bethesda's stylish sci-fi shooter Prey has a complex resource system where you can interact with almost anything you find aboard Talos I, and recycle objects into materials for upgrades. You're going to need to do this in order to beat the Typhon menace, but upgrades can be scare, making resource management a challenging part of gameplay...

...or it would be, if not for this delicious exploit that gives you all the materials you could want.

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Out now for , and , pits protagonist Morgan Yu against the shape-shifting Typhon aliens in a struggle for survival in an infested space station.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Prey below, and see what you'll be up against:

To help with this, Prey allows you to recycle items and collectible junk into materials that can be used to craft useful gear. Don't have enough materials? No problem!

All you need are a few materials and a willingness to exploit the Recycling mechanics juuuust a little.

How To Get Infinite Materials In Prey - Duplication Trick

'Prey' [Credit: Bethesda]
'Prey' [Credit: Bethesda]

This duplication method for materials in Prey exploits the Recycler device to create duplicates of materials. Weapons, ammo, food or other items cannot be duplicated.

Any Recycler will do. At least one Recycler is present in every section of Talos I. The Recycler allows Morgan Yu to process unwanted items into basic materials that can later be used for crafting.

The thing is, you can even Recycle materials themselves, and that's when things get interesting. The trick to duplicating is simple, you just need a stack of materials. If you split the stacks while using the recycle, you end up doubling your materials.

Here's exactly how the duplication trick works, step-by-step:

  • 1. Find a Recycler — every section on the station has at least one.
  • 2. Place a stack of [10] of any material into the Recycler.
  • 3. Split the stack of [10] — split until you have [10] stacks of [1] material each.
  • 4. Press the recycle button.
  • 5. Boom! Presto! Collect your duplicated materials!
'Prey' [Credit: Bethesda]
'Prey' [Credit: Bethesda]

At any of these steps, you can check how many materials you're getting back. You'll see that if you place a stack of 10 in the Recycler, you'll get 10 materials in return... but place 10 stacks of 1 material each, and you'll get 20 materials back.

Does it defy the laws of physics? Yes! Does it matter if it means you can manufacture infinite ammo for your instant concrete goo gun? Let your conscience be your guide!

Have you discovered any exploits or tricks for Prey? Let us know in the comments!

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