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You probably don't expect your childhood drawings of made-up characters to ever realize their full artistic potential, but then again your dad probably isn't a pro animator. Thomas Romain decided to take his son's crude character designs and faithfully redraw them in accordance with his child's vision.

The drawings look great, and the more I looked at them, the more I saw how well they fit into various video games roles.

Dual-Wield Cyborg - FPS Hero

I could definitely believe this was an Overwatch character. Cool guns, nice color scheme, and a touch of Star-Lord makes me want to take this cyborg into the fray.

Perhaps it fits so well because it also looks like a whole load of official characters mixed together: McCree, Soldier: 76 and elements of Tracer can all be found in this design.

Steam Punk Doctor - Morally Grey Doctor

I imagine playing a game with a Bioshock feel, needing to get patched up and finding the town doctor eyeing up your organs. I love the face/mask design and how ambiguous it is, finding the line between friendly and sinister.

It reminds me a little of the doctors from Assassin's Creed, just a lot more colorful with a more veiled evil.

Snazzy Cyclops - Odd NPC Companion

Starting an adventure game and having this monster tag along is something I can definitely see happening. Being made to join forces by an optimistic character who won't see the obvious issues of trying to look inconspicuous alongside this sore thumb of a companion.

Magic Knight - RPG Shop Owner

Wearing half the store on their person, this shop owner is ready to kit you out for an epic journey or two. In this fantastic recreation of the son's character design, we can see magic swords and staves, possessed armor and miniature orbiting planets.

Overall it seems pretty awesome to have a pro animator as a dad, as there have definitely been times where I have wished my creations could come to life (or at least look more like the image I had in my head).

Here are some video games that looked nothing like the trailers:

Have an childhood drawings or ideas you'd want to see drawn properly? Let me know in the comments below!


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