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Video game jokes are the best. For anyone who's spent a considerable amount of time with a controller in hand or clawed their fingers over a mouse you'll know how funny games can be — and we love to celebrate them with hilarious memes to groan-inducing puns. But when you find someone that understands all that you've experienced in your favorite and can share the laughter with you, it's literally the best. Hence why I had to let all you gamers out there in on this video series.

Video Series Gets Gaming So Damn Right

ProZD has been making YouTube videos, Vines and streaming for some time now. He's got tons of content on his channel, covering movies, TV shows, anime, games and a lot more! But his small videos covering gaming conventions and the little things that we've all encountered are by far my favorite. You'll all recognize this stuff well and I hope you find it as funny as I did!

When A Character Has The Same Voiceover Line For Everything

I can't even begin to count the amount of times I've screamed "I KNOW" at the TV when this happens. Persona 5 was SO bad for it.

Shut UP, talking cat!

When A Dialogue Choice Is Way More Aggressive Than You Expected

Fallout 4 was particularly bad for not accurately representing what your character would say from dialogue options. ProZD nails this!

"Hello... FU**ER!"

When You Want To Bash Your Controller... But You Remember How Expensive They Are

I admit that I've thrown caution to the wind when it comes to this. My little PS4 controller is rattling a bit from me bashing the left of it off my table...

God damn it, indeed!

How A New Game Takes Over Our Lives

Literally everywhere you go you're thinking about your new game. Every boring task of every day becomes even more of a slog when you think about those sweet, sweet pixels.

This was me with NieR: Automata.

How NPCs Serve Us In Really Weird Ways

First they just kind of stand around waiting. Forever.

Then they have to compliment us on a job well done when we were clearly awful!

I just fell off a cliff, man.

Going From Cutscene Graphics To In-Game Graphics Can Be Jarring

JRPGs are literally the best for this. Everything looks incredible during cutscenes, then suddenly you can't make out if the character you're talking to is male or female.

Riku, you really are a horse's ass.

Video Game Outfits Are So Weird

In games like Dark Souls, you need to pick armor based on their stats if you want to survive. It often leads to really ridiculous combos...

Yeah... bitch!

And then we have the emotional cutscenes that keep our outfit choices on.

That arm wipe!

When Your Choices Make No Difference...

Looking at you again, Fallout 4.

This is so true.

When The Writing Is Just So Damn Obvious

We've all picked up on who "the surprise villain" is at the beginning of a game. It's especially annoying when the game thinks it's being clever...

No sh*t.

How Weird Stealth Actually Is

I'm going to duck behind this table until you forgot you saw an unknown person in this secret lair.

Love it.

ProZD has got a ton of videos relating to gaming over on his YouTube channel. If you liked them, let him know!

And if you know of any other gaming channels that you think we'd find funny, let us know in the comments.


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