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After months of teasing and speculation, PlayStation VR finally exploded into stores this week with promises of Sony-branded futuristic fun for all ages. So long as your head can fit in it.

PS VR brings with it a wealth of new age tricks that will allow you to immerse yourself in PS4's multimedia magic like never before, but there is one glaring omission that Sony failed to advertise alongside PS VR's marketing campaign – it is compatible with Xbox One and Wii U.

PlayStation VR, now compatible with Xbox!

Xbox One no PlayStation VR compatible
Xbox One no PlayStation VR compatible

If you take the HDMI cable, which is supposed to slip into your PS4 from PS VR's "HDMI cable management" processor-box-thingy, and connect it to your Xbox One you can seemingly get the headset running, as Reddit user Reddegeddon learned to his/her astonishment:

I just swapped the HDMI in on the processing box to my Xbox. The Xbox showed up just like the PS4 does in non-VR mode, just without sound. Could be useful. Here's a snap of Forza Horizon, it seems to display using the same virtual screen size that I picked earlier on the PlayStation...

Forza horizon running on PS VR
Forza horizon running on PS VR

As PS VR isn't optimized to officially work on other systems, other consoles' UIs and games will appear in a sort of cinematic mode where the image will show up like... literal centimetres away from your eyeballs. Kinda like having Xbox One's dashboard lobbed at your face and stopping in mid-air, a hair's breadth away from your suitably worried expression.

Woah, so real!
Woah, so real!

Due to the lack of optimization, you can't go expecting to be instantly immersed in the world of Halo on PS VR; there will be no VR effect. Using PS VR in tandem with another console renders it a very personal monitor. Also, no 3D sound I'm afraid, but you can get normal stereo sound by plugging headphones into your Xbox One controller, which is nice!

Does that make PS VR a shoo-in though? It is cool having the option of a second screen attached to your face and being able to play any Xbox or Wii U game you like whilst someone else watches TV. But still... is PS VR actually worth the purchase?

What do you think? PS VR or PS See Ya?


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