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You know, man, it feels like there's always some doomsayer stood atop a hill somewhere heralding the death of art and creativity in some manner. If it's not your eccentric uncle decrying your new and super-hip favorite pop star, it's someone decrying the death of intelligent cinema and literature.

The video game industry has faced bellows such as these too many times over its short period of existence, with one of the more fantastical supposedly heralding the coming death of . Nothing new there right?

PS4 & Xbox One Are Breaking Console Sale Records

PS4 Slim [Credit: Sony]
PS4 Slim [Credit: Sony]

The majority of this noise came at the time just before the release of the and , when analysts fell over themselves in belief that the smartdevice shall inherit the earth, which they weren't wrong about. But the death of the console? Yeah, kinda way off.

Recently, analysts SuperData Research revealed sales numbers that should work dividends in putting these fears to bed for the time being. The PS4 has sold a whopping 55m units in its lifetime, which is higher than the 53.4m units Sony revealed to be sold earlier this month. This outrageous number even aided the PS4 to trump the 's record of being Sony's fastest ever selling console. Though the PS2 did sell around 112m units over its 13 year life cycle, so you've still got some going, PS4.

Xbox One [Credit: Microsoft]
Xbox One [Credit: Microsoft]

On the other side of the console market, Xbox fans will be pleased to hear the Xbox One sold around 26m units since its launch in November '13, which comes off the back of Microsoft's console besting Sony's in sales in the latter half of 2016. This lofty number also means more people bought the Xbox One than they did the Xbox 360, which comes in at 22.1m units sold over four years since its release.

But That's Not All!

No, no, no, I say no way in hell is that all, because the console market made some serious money off of us last year, thanks mainly to digital distribution—arguably one of console gaming's greatest innovations. According to SuperData again, last year we pumped $7 billion into the console industry thanks to consoles being bundled with highly-rated triple-A titles and full game downloads.

Next year SuperData estimates that the industry would one up that number with an insane $7.8 billion revenue from downloads! You guys must have some killer HDDs in your consoles, man.

What Are The Best Selling Consoles Of All Time?

Hey there, good lookin'! [Credit: Sony]
Hey there, good lookin'! [Credit: Sony]

Good question, should we have a look at the top ten most lucrative consoles to have gathered dust in living rooms? Cool, alright...

  • PlayStation 2 - 155m
  • PlayStation - 102m
  • Nintendo Wii - 101m
  • Xbox 360 - 84m
  • PlayStation 3 - 83m
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - 61m
  • PlayStation 4 - 55m
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) - 49m
  • Nintendo 64 - 32m
  • Sega Genesis/Mega Drive - 30m

Sometimes I wonder whether the Wii actually managed to bag more gamers for Nintendo's competition this generation. As a Nintendo fan I was overjoyed to see how the Wii galvanized the market. I patiently waited for Nintendo's next big console and hoped it would take them in a grander direction than where the Wii U almost took them: into total obscurity.

Alas it didn't, the console bombed and Wii converts headed straight over to PS4ville and Xbox One Alley, where they've lived happily ever after. Imagine the Switch was released instead of Wii U. Woah.

Anyways, what do you make of that? Those PS4 sales numbers in comparison to Xbox One are pretty embarrassing, amirite?!

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