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It's been a pretty great 2016 for the PlayStation 4, with the release of a slew of new console exclusives and the highest sales since its launch month, but what's coming down the line for the #PS4? Luckily, I'm here with the answers on what to look forward to in 2017 (and one or two in 2016 too!)

The 10 Best Upcoming PlayStation 4 Exclusive Titles

If you've got any additional PlayStation 4 exclusives that you're looking forward to that we've failed to mention below, let us know in the comments!

1. God of War

Publisher: SIEA

Developer: Santa Monica Studio

Release Date: TBA

Santa Monica Studios is taking things in a new direction with their latest #PlayStation4 exclusive title. Eschewing the one-dimensional extremo screamo characterization of Kratos, Santa Monica Studio is adding at least one dimension by giving Kratos a son that he must train, guide and possibly comfort in a series of quicktime events. The combat in the latest #GodOfWar looks very different too, with a tighter camera, dodge roll system and slower, more methodical combat that recalls the Dark Souls series.

Also, since he's killed basically everyone in the Greek pantheon, Kratos has headed off to the land of the Vikings, presumably to kill everyone there as well. Who knows though, maybe they'll teach him how to not be such a grump and relax with a bit of mead occasionally.

2. Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

Developer: Level-5

Release Date: TBA

The bestselling JRPG for the PS3 is finally getting a real sequel, and Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli are back to lend their beautiful and distinctive aesthetic to the game. CEO Akihiro Hino has promised a slew of new features and improvements over the already excellent original, including a kingdom creation sub-game. Plus, with Ghibli providing the visual design, maybe we'll get a game that tops #FinalFantasyXV in the delicious looking video game food category.

3. Rime

Publishers: Grey Box, Six Foot

Developer: XDev Studio Europe

Release Date: TBA

It says something about just how amazing the new batch of upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives look that Rime is somehow not the most attractive game on the list. With a beautiful cel-shaded art style and some classic looking puzzle-platformer game play, Rime is shaping up to be a delight.

4. The Last Guardian

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Team Ico

Release Date: 12/06/2016

The Last Guardian is the latest game by Team Ico. It's perhaps one of the most long awaited titles in PlayStation history, having been in development for almost an entire decade. From the trailers we've seen, the game won't disappoint when it comes to offering up the distinctive style, mystery and unique gameplay that Team Ico is known for.

In The Last Guardian, players will platform, solve puzzles and explore ancient ruins with the help of a creature named Trico, which appears to be some kind of fusion of a puppy, a kitten and a griffon. Presumably, this creature was designed in a lab under Sony headquarters in order to be as heartwrenchingly tragic as possible when Team Ico inevitably rips our heart out by having something awful happen to it.

5. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Guerrilla Games

Release Date: February 28, 2017

The creators of Horizon: Zero Dawn have spent most of their professional lifetime working on the Killzone series of FPS shooters, a fun but unambitious series that tried to create a Halo for the PlayStation. As you can imagine, it was a bit of a shock when they announced that their next game would be a breathtaking open world RPG action game about hunting robot animals with a bow.

Horizon: Zero Dawn looks to be one of the most ambitious PS4 exclusive games coming out. The game will emphasize a trial and error approach, throwing you into the vast and strange world of Earth 1,000 years into the future without a tutorial and letting you figure things out. The graphics are also some of the best I've ever seen and, best of all, the game's written by John Gonzalez, lead writer of Fallout: New Vegas.

6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Publisher: Square Enix Holdings

Developer: Square Enix Holdings

Release Date: TBA

It's hard to say anything about the remake of Final Fantasy 7 that hasn't already been said. One of the most beloved games of all time is getting a long awaited remake. The game looks gorgeous, the updated battle system looks amazing and I'm looking forward to a brand new series of urban legends about how you can save Aeris.

7. Let it Die

Publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment Inc

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture

Release Date: Late 2016

I've previously written about Let it Die on this site, and, well, it's safe to say it's one of my most anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives. Players will have to scavenge their way through the post-apocalyptic streets of near future Tokyo while fighting off madmen, raiders and bio-mechanical beasties with a range of brutal and absurd weaponry ranging from crossbows to clothing irons. The combat looks to be a fusion of Dark Souls 3 and Devil May Cry, only with German suplexes involved, which frankly improves any combat system.

8. What Remains of Edith Finch

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Giant Sparrow

Release Date: 31 Dec 2016

Most of the other games on this list have been huge, action filled AAA offerings, with vast worlds and lots of weapons to explore. What Remains of Edith Finch is taking another approach, bringing the quiet and personal back to the PlayStation 4.

Developer Giant Sparrow has already garnered a lot of renown with their strange and ambitious take on the shooter Unfinished Swan, where players used FPS mechanics to reveal the world around them. What Remains of Edith Finch seems to be applying that same ingenious approach to the so-called 'walking simulator' genre, with odd and varied mechanics introduced in each of the short stories of the Finch family you play through.

9. Death Stranding

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Kojima Productions

Release Date: TBA

After Hideo Kojima's abrupt departure from Konami and the cancellation of the eagerly awaited Silent Hills, fans were left wondering what was up next for Kojima. The answer? Death Stranding, the first game from the newly formed Kojima Productions. So far we haven't seen much besides the cryptic trailer and the fact that Norman Reedus is involved, but rest assured the game will feature Hideo Kojima's trademark grandiosity and weirdness that he brought to the Metal Gear Solid series.

We sure did see a lot of Reedus though [credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]
We sure did see a lot of Reedus though [credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]

10. Wild

Publisher: SCEA

Developer: Wild Sheep Studio

Release Date: TBA

Perhaps the only game on this list that looks to rival Horizon: Zero Dawn in expansive ambition is Wild. Wild sees you take on the role of a neolithic shaman, helping your tribe by possessing and befriending natural beasts. The natural open world of the game looks incredible, but mostly I'm excited by the possibility of befriending a bear, which has been on my bucket list since a life-changing viewing of The Jungle Book at age five.