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If you've been waiting to take things to the next level with your PS4, then I've got good news—the wait is over! The hotly anticipated 4.5 update for Sony's PlayStation 4 is finally available for download and there's a lot to be excited about.

Check Out All Of The Cool Things Your PlayStation 4 Can Do With The 4.5 Update

Sony has quite clearly thought of everything when it comes to this update. From party chat to graphical tweaks, improvements are visible in every aspect of the system including some additional capabilities for the PS4 Pro.

Here's what you've got to look forward to:

1. Store Your Games On An External Hard Drive


This is a big one. games take up quite a bit of space and the hard drive that comes with your system is bound to fill up fast. Usually when you want to give yourself some more space, you have to open up the console and install a third party hard drive which can get a bit tricky. Thanks to this update, you can now use any USB 3.0 storage device with your PS4 to add up to 8TB of extended storage.

2. See Smoother 2D Images On Your PSVR

[Credit: Sony]
[Credit: Sony]

graphics for anything outside of your VR-based games are about to get a bit of an upgrade. This means that watching movies, other videos and even your homescreen will be a much more enjoyable experience with the faster frame rate and improved resolution that the update brings.

3. Use Voice Chat With Remote Play Devices

[Credit: Sony]
[Credit: Sony]

Remote Play devices like Windows PCs, Macs and Xperia devices can now be used for voice chat. It'll probably come in handy when you want to chat with your friends while you're away from your console.

There's also going to be a new icon (that looks like a smartphone) that will appear next to your icon when you are logged into PSN but not actually using your PS4 system. This goes for presence on the Messages and Communities apps—anyone using those?

4. Activate Boost Mode For PS4 Pro

The 4.5 update also includes a major advantage for those of you who took the leap and upgraded to the Pro model of PS4—that advantage is called Boost Mode. With Boost Mode, games that are properly patched will make use of the PS4 Pro's lightning fast CPU and larger GPU. Unpatched games will most likely also experience faster load times and improved frame rates.

It sounds like, when it works, it's going to be amazing but there are no guarantees on compatibility so you might still be out of luck in some cases. This will probably change in the time following the update as developers catch up.

5. Set A Custom Wallpaper

The days of spending your entire paycheck on PlayStation themes are almost over—sort of. You can't use any picture as your wallpaper but you can use the photos you've taken from your games. That's almost like being able to do whatever you want in a limited but oddly satisfying way.

My dream is to have a Mads Mikkelsen wallpaper so I guess I'll be able to do that when we finally get a Death Stranding demo. It's a shame. I already have so many on my computer...

Have you downloaded the new update yet?


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