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In honor of Resident Evil 7's game release and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hitting theaters, we published a zine all about Resident Evil and held a caption contest. The contest prize was a PS4 Pro and a copy of Resident Evil 7.

As you can imagine, people were pretty stoked about this contest! And we ended up with well over 3,000 caption entries. Yowza. Good hustle.

Below is the winning caption and a few of our staff favorites from the massive mountain of submissions! And, once again, a huge thanks to our artist, Bree Paulsen.

Winner: Kevin C.

Illustration by Bree Paulsen
Illustration by Bree Paulsen

Winning Caption: "Remember - a human a day keeps the voices at bay!"

Runner Up Captions

There was a lot of arguing and pushing and shoving in the Creators Media offices over the winner because there were so, so many great entries. Here are just 10 of the 3000+ that gave us solid, audible chuckles. Major props to a few of these for some excellent pop culture references!

  • "And that's when I found out that Bovine Proctology was my true calling."
  • "She chopped his left hand off, dad! But I guess you could say he's ALRIGHT."
  • "...And then he burned alive! That birthday was lit."
  • "Now Pa, don't scare him or it will taint the meat..."
  • "I told you it wasn't butter!"
  • "And after Abraham, it was Glen."
  • "It really seems like you guys aren't getting the indoctrination theory from Mass Effect..."
  • "Dad: You told me this food would help increase brain activity. Son: No, I said it was brain food."
  • "That moment when people at the table talk about politics..."
  • "*Record scratch.* *Freeze Frame.* 'Yep, that's me. I bet you're wondering how I got here.'"

We would like to thank all of our entrants for participating and for being so delightful in our Resident Evil 7 gameplay streams. It was a treat! (Plus, Nick really wouldn't have made it so far without your help in the comments. Seriously.)

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