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Wanna see what makes the all new Sony PS4 Slim tick? Today we are able to share with you the inner workings of the small but mighty future of Sony's brand.

The Sony Playstation 4 Slim has been the subject of many a gaming conversation recently, as this new, exciting-looking console leaked ahead of what we assume is today’s big reveal. The PS4 Slim, aside from the mighty Neo, is the next step in the life of PlayStation.

Over the past week, the PS4 Slim has been bought, played, examined and now taken apart. In this latest cross examination of Sony’s next big (small) console, we see YouTube Channel, Links-Tech tear it down.

A teardown, for those who are unaware, is the term used to represent the taking apart or deconstructing of a product. This is done so we are able to understand, more clearly, what it is that powers a computing machine.

The process details all the individual components and the manner in which they work. Link Tech has, fortunately, simplified the teardown in their latest video — as to make it more palatable for us non-techy people.

Take A Look Inside the All New PS4 Slim.

Every ounce of credit I have available I give to these apparent wizards at Sony; everything fits so perfectly it had to have been achieved with magic potions and ritual sacrifice. However, there have been reports that the unit does get a bit hot and will not support 4K like the rival Xbox One S.

The PS4 Slim, aside from getting a little hot, appears to be a more than capable machine and is certainly worth the upgrade if you are in the market for a new Sony console. But what do you think? Would you sell your PS4 for the slimmer model?

What are your initial thoughts?

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