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It truly seems as if nothing is sacred in this age of leaks and spoilers. And Sony have succumbed to the pointy end of the spoil stick again this week after the much hinted and discussed PS4 Slim, that doesn't exist according to Sony's silence, appeared on YouTube.

After getting their hands on a PS4 Slim on eBay, We Play Video Games got to unboxing the stylish little beast and even went as far to give it a test run on a TV. Here's the video for your perusal, gamer:

Now I adore the aesthetics of the OG PS4; how big and future-clunky it is, the bar of light that separates the fingerprint magnet strip of glossy plastic from the matte body, the power and eject buttons (once you memorize their order) and having an optical port is always nice.

But now the PS4 Slim replaces all of that with a fully matte casing and doesn't really change anything we have already grown accustomed to with the OG PS4. PS4 Slim simply runs quieter, cooler and doesn't have an optical audio port. Because reasons?

Hey, slim
Hey, slim

PS4 Slim also doesn't run 4K video, doesn't upscale games to 4K (probably due to Sony not wanting to shoot PS4 Neo in the foot before it releases) and doesn't support 4K blu-rays. But, it does have a nifty little strip of LEDs on the power button, and it runs video games. So not all is lost.

And, possibly most importantly, the PS4 Slim comes with a outrageously simple hatch which snugly houses your HDD. This means gone are the days where you had to faff around with the top of the hull, trying to get bits off in order to upgrade the measly 500GB vanilla storage.

DualShocking Improvements

There is a light that never goes out
There is a light that never goes out

PS4 Slim does have one particularly awesome amendment in its corner, and that's the DualShock 4(.1?) The controller, which we already know has a lightbar on its touchpad (a nice touch which means you don't have to flip the bloody thing to see if your avatar is about to die), has two different ways of transmitting data.

Naturally you can use the controller wirelessly, but if you were to plug the controller in via a USB wire, all data will be transmitted through said cable. Meaning you won't have to stress when the controller dies after 2 minutes of FIFA when the thing has been charging for 6 hours. Hopefully this will roll out to all DS4s in a not-too-distant update. That'd be rather nice.

Great Time To Be A Console Gamer

Let the games begin...
Let the games begin...

So before the OG PS4s and Xbox Ones disappear from the world's shelves, there will be three different versions of each console available. Isn't that mad? Though the PS4 Slim feels like a bit of a step back, especially seeing how solid a piece of kit the OG PS4 is, there's no better time to get a console than Q4 of 2016.

I'm guessing the only reason the PS4 Slim (maybe, kinda) exists is for Sony to stop making losses on the console. Considering Neo's impending take to flight and the power that'll reside beneath its hull will more than likely put Sony at a loss on each unit.

But, that aside, three different types of PS4s for all the different ways of life. Is that a good thing?

What do you think?

OG, Slim or Neo? How do you do yours?

(Source: We Play Video Games)


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