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Dishonored 2 recently hit shelves, and it's been receiving pretty much universal acclaim. If it's something you've been on the fence about, I definitely recommend giving it a try. But, of course, there are some things to keep in mind before you begin your journey through Assassinsville. Er, Karnaca.

Thankfully, we've put together a quick primer that should help make your time in Dishonored 2 a bit easier. If you're not new to the series and want to skip the quick tips, or just need something to read after this, we have a few more in-depth guides to help as well!

1. Decide How You Want To Take Down Enemies

If you've played Dishonored in the past, this probably isn't new info to you — but if you're new to the series, allow me to introduce you to one of the key features of the game: the ability to play through in very different ways.

What I mean by that is, you have a number of choices as to how you take out enemies and make your way through the world. You can be lethal, killing enemies as you see fit, or nonlethal, knocking enemies out and completing the game without actually killing anyone. Similarly, you can approach the game as a stealthy ninja by sneaking around in the shadows or stalking from atop buildings, or you can approach it as a loud, murdering psychopath who charges right toward danger.

These choices will affect your Chaos level, and Chaos level will change various other aspects of the game. For example, you'll receive different endings based on your actions during the campaign, enemies will react differently to you, and so forth. Knowing how you want to play ahead of time will likely make for a more satisfying ending, depending on your personal preference.

All that being said, if a particular style isn't working for you it's perfectly okay to change your approach partway through the game. Many of the game's Powers and Enhancements (more on them below) work well enough for any playstyle, even if they're not a 100-percent-perfect fit.

2. Browse All The Powers And Enhancements Available

Tying into the above, there are several Enhancements — general improvements that can be made to both protagonists — and Powers — abilities that are unique to either Corvo or Emily. We have an in-depth breakdown of all these abilities, and it's worth taking a look at before officially picking your Powers in the game.

The reason for this is that different Powers and Enhancements fit better with certain playstyles. As I said above, many have perks that work both any approach, but there are definitely a couple that fit better for a stealthy playstyle or a murderous playstyle.

You don't need to have your entire build picked out before jumping in, but because Powers cost Runes — of which there are only a small number per chapter, and they're somewhat hidden — it'll be best if you're able to avoid unnecessary spending. Having an idea of which ones you want to go for first will give you a good head start on a more cohesive, synergistic play experience.

3. Abuse The Quick Save Feature

I can't emphasize this one enough: Quick save is invaluable. It is your friend. Take advantage of it.

The game does autosave, so you never lose too much progress if you forget to quick save, but considering a major part of this game is exploring the world, collecting runes, paintings, etc., and finding a lot of knickknacks, it helps to quick save. Doing so will help you avoid the tedium of retracing your steps to make sure you've re-collected everything more so than it will save frustration of redoing a hard fight.

But if you ever find yourself about to Far Reach/Blink to a high location from which you are potentially able to fall, or you're going into an area where you know there are a lot of enemies, quick save. Trust me. I've died far too many times to Far Reach than I care to admit, and quick save makes those deaths much less painful.

Have any other quick tips for players new to the Dishonored franchise? Let us know in the comments!


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