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The stunts and action in video games often enthrall us because they showcase things we'd never be able to do in real life. But Destiny's Sparrow racing just entered the real world thanks to the Nitro Circus stunt team.

Action sports daredevils Ryan “RWilly” Williams and Blake “Bilko” Williams took to the skies on custom-made freestyle Guardian motocross bikes and the results are insane.

This Is True Cross Platform Entertainment

With the hoverbikes firing up to a top speed of 25 mph over California's Shasta Lake, the above video shows off what we've all taken for granted in . The hair-raising adrenaline stuntmen thrust their custom Sparrows through the air just like in the game.

With (almost) the same freedom as in the game, the riders challenge themselves to all the big ticket shenanigans you and your friends have so recklessly wiped yourselves out with. Along with Supermans and barrel rolls the Nitro Circus madmen perform kickouts and no hands maneuvers to their obvious delight.

Of course there are limitations due to, well, it being real life. There are no special effects or hidden wires but the ride is tethered to hydro-powered pumps similar to Flyboards. Using Jetovator technology, the creators engineered their Destiny Sparrow designs over the course of two months. It took several refinements and numerous hours of testing in order to get them to fly just right.

Remember The EV-30 Tumbler?

[Credit: Nitro Circus]
[Credit: Nitro Circus]

In total, there are three classic Sparrows taken from both Destiny games. The most recognizable, due to its racing flames, is the EV-30 Tumbler. This Sparrow gained notoriety in the second expansion by being capable of fmx jumps and stunts. Unfortunately, the Nitro Circus version doesn't include the boost, strafe thrusters and destabilizers perks but let's call it early days. As with anything Destiny-related, upgrades are always around the corner (we hope).

[Credit: Nitro Circus]
[Credit: Nitro Circus]

Even without the Traveler's light or that annoying Ghost tagging along, there would be no hesitation for Destiny players to jump on one of these Sparrows if given the chance. They'd grind away it for hours I'm sure. Hunter, , Warlock or just plain adrenaline junky, summoning these water propelled Sparrows calls for a new chapter of Destiny mayhem to be had.

Surf's Up, Guardians

The only thing missing from this Destiny frolic in the sun is definitely the Sparrow surfing glitch. For those not familiar with it, in between expansions, die-hard loyalists stumbled across the ability to ride their like a surf board. The chance of being a digital barney removed, Guardians carved up the game in their dude packs to to kill the time. The difference with being a surfing enthusiast and the real thing, though, is actual skill. Seems the Nitro Circus stunt team haven't yet worked out how to do it. I think it's time to book a plane ticket with the lads and give it a crack.

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