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People love to reimagine Pokémon in different ways. Whether as terrifying nightmare creatures or as oddly attractive humanoids, it seems there will always be a way to take the adorable creatures and imagine them differently.

This latest reimagining comes courtesy of Etsy, where artist Hannah George has taken realistic Pokémon to a whole new level. Not satisfied with mere drawings of realistic Pokémon, Hannah has decided to go one step further and sculpt realistic Pokémon.

Below are the sculptures she's produced thus far, but there are far more images of each (as well as purchasing information) available on her Etsy page, so be sure to check it out!

1. Clefables Examining A Parasect

This first one reimagines Clefable as an almost rabbit-like creature, seemingly examining a nearby Parasect. The Clefable family looks intrigued by Parasect, who clearly doesn't want to become dinner anytime soon.

2. A Nido-Family Gathering

Ever wonder what a realistic-looking family of Nido-evolutions would look like? No matter what your answer was, the above sculpture turns Nidoran and its evolutions into a sort-of mix of mole and dinosaur and shows their softer side. Looks like good family bonding!

3. Venusaur Watching Over Its Kin

According to the Etsy entry, this was Hannah's first creation in her realistic Pokémon series, but any sense of first-timership is hidden by the details. The sculpture features the entire Bulbasaur line with a much more lizard-like appearance. I especially love the detail that went into making each one look as scaly as it does — they honestly look like something that could be found in the wild!

4. Charizard Tending To Charmeleon

Another lizard-like reimagining comes to us in the form of one of the most iconic Pokémon: Charizard. As imagined here, the aggressive dragon shows a softer side, caring for a Charmeleon who has yet to grow its wings.

5. The Bugs And Rodents Of The PokéWorld

Okay, these are almost too real for me. They're good, don't get me wrong. But maybe too good. We're hitting some kind of uncanny valley. There's no way I'd want to run into one of these in real life — including Butterfree with its eerily realistic proboscis.

Though, I can't help but feel bad for that poor Metapod. Hopefully, its sacrifice will allow Caterpie enough time to get to safety.

6. Blastoise And His Squirtle Family

I love turtles, so I have a bit of a bias toward this one. While only barely visible in the above picture, the full entry includes an up-close shot of Squirtle alongside the larger (though surprisingly friendly-looking) Blastoise. I'm actually not sure which version of this line I prefer — the realistic versions are definitely cute.

7. Don't Mess With Pidgey

Matching the Fearow/Arbok combination in this post's header image is a similar sculpture featuring the Pidgey family not all that happy with an Ekans that seems to be going after a young Pidgey chick. I know one thing for sure: I never want to see a Pidgeotto give me that sort of death caw.

Are There Any Pokémon You'd Like To See As Realistic Sculptures?


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