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Anyone who's come in contact with MOBA games before knows that team composition is key if you want to succeed. At the end of the day, even though there are a myriad of different strategies in games like Dota 2 and League of Legends that you can employ, you have to think about how the champions/heroes on your team contribute to the overall goal and synergize.

Generally, you'll want at least one carry champion, a couple of early- and midgame-dominators and a support or two. Sounds easy right? Well it isn't. Support roles just don't attract enough gamers! It feels awesome when you can dominate during a match, but you're never going to help team composition if you're not willing to back everyone up now and again.

5 Reasons For Playing Support In MOBA Games Like 'League Of Legends' And 'Dota 2'

'Dota 2' [Credit: Valve]
'Dota 2' [Credit: Valve]

Winning a match should be everyone's main object. It sounds redundant, but it's too often pushed to the back of people's minds in the heat of the moment. Mastering a support role could mean that you'll help your teams win a whole lot more matches and surely that's what we're all after here?

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If that's not enough to convince you, here's 5 other reasons for playing support in MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota 2.

1. Making Big Plays As A Support Is Art In Motion

Playing support doesn't make you any less valuable to the team than the carry or mid player. A support hero is very much an essential cog in a team's machinery, as you'll more often than not be the player behind the late game success of your carry or mid hero snowballing out of control. It will happen.

It's just that what supports do isn't as pronouned or heroic as what core heroes do. Placing wards in the Summoner's Rift or stacking ancients camps in Dota 2 often goes unnoticed, but it can literally win games. The same goes for that early game rotation to mid, where a support makes sure his mid player successfully wins the lane. Being a great support player is art in motion and those that can master it will leave quite the mark.

2. It's Really, Really Chill

How it feels playing carry most of the time.
How it feels playing carry most of the time.

When you're playing ADC in League of Legends or position one core in Dota 2, all eyes are on you from the very beginning of the game until the end. Being the hero that's capable of turning around or sealing the game later on, you will be the target of ganks, farm disruption and called out by your team for not helping in early game fights.

The opposite is true for supports. Yes, a kill is a kill, but it's a whole lot less attractive for the enemy to get your head than that of Anti Mage or Ezreal. Therefore, you'll be left to your own devices a lot more, making the whole supporting job a relaxing affair where you dying doesn't carry the same weight.

3. It Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

Playing support completely negates that gnawing feeling of guilt you have when you've picked a carry, knowing your team would've been better off with something else. And if you manage to win a game more or less thanks to your supporting abilities, the most serene and peaceful feeling will overcome you.

You will know that today you made the right, bigger decision and worked against a harmful tendency in the game you so enjoy. If you're really optimistic and slightly arrogant, you might even believe you actually inspired some of your teammates to do the same in the future. That's a stretch though. Never put faith in the goodness or common sense of MOBA players.

4. Dying 10 Times During A Game Leaves You Time For Eating Snacks

Supports tend to be quite easy kills, since they aren't farming much and rarely possess any great defensive abilities. Therefore you will undoubtedly spend a long time each game being dead, simply because sadistic carry players might single you out during fights or pick you off when you're out warding.

That's just a part of playing support—unless you're playing as Dota 2's Lion and accessed that sweet minus respawn timer talent—get used to it, and enjoy the fact that you can play MOBAs while doing things on the side. Like eating snacks or watching some incoherent and kinda (really) bad movie on TV that doesn't deserve your full attention anyway.

5. Do Well And You Will Get The Praise You Deserve

Even the most emotionsless people can appreciate a good support player.
Even the most emotionsless people can appreciate a good support player.

We're going to end the list on a happy, optimistic note: If you play support and do your job well, your team will appreciate your effort, probably. You'll have been the bigger woman/man, and more often than not they'll be able to acknowledge that.

Actually it seems like most players are more willing to commend their support than carry player, perhaps because they know playing support can be a pretty ungrateful experience. So chin up and be proud of what you do. The world of MOBAs needs you!

What makes you want to play support in MOBA games?


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