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It looks like you can leave the cowboy boots and spurs at home as it looks like Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't going to be hitting shelves any time soon.

In a recent investor call, Take2, Rockstar's parent company, announced that it looked like the title will not be released in this financial year. It's now anybody's guess when we will be able to dive back into some gun-slinging action.

The much anticipated sequel from Rockstar was initially expected to be released this Autumn. With this date now out of the window, it's in the hands of Rockstar's developers to get to work.

It's not unusual for such delays to happen, with the previous iteration in the series suffering from a drawn out development period. Red Dead Redemption missed two release windows. Rockstar isn't exactly renowned for being punctual, put it that way.

The hope is that with the extra development time we will see a more polished game upon release; with so much anticipation, it would be a kick in the teeth for fans to receive a glitchy experience like they did with GTA: Online. The game is destined to be a hit either way so let's hope our expectations aren't for nothing.

[Credit: Rockstar]
[Credit: Rockstar]

It's not the only bad news involving Red Dead this week either! Scammers on Twitter fooled anxious fans by sending out fake beta invites; @RedDeadbeta2 had their account suspended after directing fans to a dubious website.

Facing nonexistent release dates and beta tests, the lesson of the day is that we shouldn't get our hopes up too much.


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