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Cow-boys and -girls, we're all very excited for the Red Dead Redemption 2 convoy to come to town. The trailer is set to drop Thursday morning, so in the meantime we're whetting our appetites with one of our favorite pieces of Red Dead Redemption fan art, the wonderfully crafted short movie: Red Dead Redemption: Seth's Gold.

Like many of the best spaghetti westerns that inspired Red Dead Redemption itself, Seth's Gold is actually made in Spain. The Desert of Tabernas in Almería, to be precise, which has a healthy western pedigree as the location for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Conan the Barbarian and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Clocking in a just over 10 minutes, it's obvious the film is lovingly crafted by fans faithful to Red Dead Redemption's unmistakable aesthetic style, action and distinctive characters. The casting is really excellent, check out the trio of main characters:

John Marston

Russel Birdwell is a real ringer for Red Dead Redemption protagonist John Marston, with the help of some hair and makeup. His portrayal of the rugged, laconic gunslinger is spot-on, and he gets to show off in some badass action moments during the movie.

Seth Briars

Washed up, psychotic grave-robber Seth Briars is played by Roman Vogdt, who accurately captures the grotesque, pathetic prospector. The film doesn't shy away from the darker elements of the character, and poor Seth doesn't get much luck thrown his way, being the butt of the humor.

Nigel West Dickens

This sleazy snake oil salesman is portrayed by Tony Rodriguez, who clearly has a lot of fun with the con-man's exaggerated mannerisms and cowardly nature.

The Legend of Seth's Gold

The plot of the film is a condensed mash-up of several parts of the Red Dead Redemption storyline. Some of the dialogue, such as when John first meets Seth, is lifted almost word for word from the video game, but it quickly diverges into its own thing.

In this story, John, Seth and Nigel team up to take on outlaw gang leader Bill Williamson in his hideout of Tumbleweed, using Nigel's carriage as a disguise and the prospect of lost treasure to bring Seth along.

John, of course, wants to confront Bill to save his family, but although they get the jump on Bill's gang in a rip-roaring action sequence, things don't go quite according to plan...

Watch the full film below:

We think that Zapruder Pictures really did a stand up job on this film, and if you're curious to see how it was done, they've got a good behind the scenes video too:

We hope that you enjoy the film and it gets you as excited for upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer as we are! Keep an eye on our overview page for upcoming information as it drops.


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