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Red Dead Revolver came out 12 years ago, but its legacy has had a lasting impact in entertainment and now it's being re-released on PlayStation 4. Originally released on PlayStation 2 and Xbox, the game has been updated for modern hardware just in time to coincide with one of the hottest new shows, Westworld.

In fact, Red Dead Revolver can be credited with making the show happen in the first place.

Red Dead Revolver came out in 2004 and did fairly well, prompting the production of a sequel shortly after: Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Redemption exceeded all expectations and was massively successful. The game was praised in particular for its gameplay, story, music, and voice acting, among many others. It was so successful, in fact, that the executive producers of Westworld played it extensively for research for the show.

Now with Westworld's debut, we already had a clue that Red Dead Revolver would be updated soon. Last month it appeared on Sony's Australian PlayStation store...and then disappeared just as fast. Now it's back again, though this time for real.

PlayStation fans are likely wondering where Red Dead Redemption is with this re-release. Given its popularity and connection to Westworld, we would think that it would also be updated. Unfortunately it seems to be stuck on PS3. However, it was made backward compatible for Xbox One players earlier this summer, so perhaps a PS4 version may not be far off.

Red Dead Revolver is available for $14.99 on the PlayStation store and is 1.8GB.

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