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Grab your horse, chewing tobacco and ass-less chaps (jeans underneath are optional), the original Red Dead adventure could be landing on PS4 very soon.

According to Wario64 a listing went live last night on the Australian PlayStation Store. It advertised the imminent release of Rockstar's Red Dead Revolver. The game had a release date of September 13 attached to it with a retail price of $22.95 AUD (roughly $17).

Red Dead Revolver Set For Imminent Global Launch On PS4?

This could suggest the forthcoming release of the game in other regions, too. However, the listing has since been removed from the store with no further information surrounding the launch coming to the fore.

However, it's important to note that this is a PS2-PS4 launch; it will not be a remaster or a remake of the original game but an upscaled port onto the PS4 (similar to that of Manhunt).

Is This Prep For Red Dead Redemption 2 (3)?

Ok, so it’s probably not the Red Dead news you were hoping for, but Red Dead Revolver makes all the sense, if you think about it. Red Dead Revolver is where it all began; and this could be the perfect opportunity to bring us up to speed with the series. Could this be indicative of the impending launch of a new Red Dead title?

The often overlooked birthplace of an incredible series, Red Dead Revolver is a fantastic game and if it does make its way onto the PlayStation Store, I highly recommend you grab it.

The series is stellar and if we are lucky enough to get a new Red Dead game in the coming months then you need to familiarize yourself with the series.

There is still no official word on a potential Red Dead Redemption 2 but we have heard a few rumors which suggest that Rockstar are working on something. A map of the new Red Dead title was apparently leaked earlier in the year but this was never confirmed to be real.

Just to add to the retro factor a little: Remember the PSone launch screen?

Did you play the original Red Dead Revolver?


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