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When Resident Evil 4 was in the tentative stages of development, Capcom released footage that showed a very different game to the one we got. It was closer to the classic RE gameplay, with fixed camera angles, tank controls and a more atmospheric, survival horror style.

This 'classic' style Resident Evil 4 was actually the second of four different prototypes for the game. The very first attempt was a very action focused title with melee combat and a combo system, it ended up being repurposed into the original . The third was never seen by the public, the fourth was the Resident Evil 4 we know and love today.

There's no denying that the that we ended up getting was an awesome game, it redefined the genre and pushed the series in a whole new direction. But what would have happened if we'd gotten that original game? Maybe we'd be seeing a that was still third-person.

One Fan Is Making The 'Resident Evil 4' We Never Got

The fan-made project features a classic Resident Evil gameplay style, including tank controls. [Credit: Capcom]
The fan-made project features a classic Resident Evil gameplay style, including tank controls. [Credit: Capcom]

ShiguWorks, a Resident Evil fan and game designer, has decided to try and release the lost version of Resident Evil 4, calling it Resident Evil 3.5: Code Madman. The fan game is intended to be not-for-profit, but ShiguWorks is putting a whole lot of work into it. He's even hired a voice actor that sounds like Leon to voice new lines for the game.

The project is still in its very early stages, but there's already a free demo of the game for fans to check out, showcasing the classic Resident Evil style gameplay and controls.

ShiguWorks is apparently looking for other devoted fans of the series to help him finish the project, especially level designers. So if there's anyone out there with the skills to help, now's a perfect time to get involved!

Are you excited for Code Madman? Do you wish Resident Evil had stuck to its roots, or do you like how the series has changed direction? Let us know in the comments!


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