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One of the toughest boss battles in Capcom's Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is Jack 'Daddy' Baker. The sinister patriarch of RE7's Baker family presents a tough challenge to PS4, Xbox One and PC players alike, but he can be defeated with a patient approach. Here's our best Resident Evil 7 boss fight tips to help you beat Jack Baker.

How To Beat Jack Baker In 'Resident Evil 7'

Go ahead, call him 'Four-eyes' [Capcom]
Go ahead, call him 'Four-eyes' [Capcom]

This guide on how to beat the Jack Baker boss fights in covers all three encounters with him in the game. You can encounter Jack Baker at other points than those specified in this guide, though in these sections you will have to escape and fight Jack another day!

How to Defeat Jack Baker: Garage Boss Fight

The GTA: Raccoon City that never was [Capcom]
The GTA: Raccoon City that never was [Capcom]

The best way to beat the first Jack Baker encounter is to avoid using conventional weapons. Your priority should be to get into the car in the garage and run Jack over with it. Again and again.

If you get into trouble, you can actually stun him temporarily with the G17 Handgun you should have recently acquired. This will buy you some time to find the keys. The keys to the car are on the workbench across from the driver's door of the car.

The best strategy against Jack in the garage involves keeping Jack at bay so that you have enough time to get in the car and start the engine before Jack hauls you out. Start by luring him over to the passenger side, then shoot him in the head a few times, which should stun him for a while.

Once you're in the car, just go for it it and hit Jack with the car until the cutscene is triggered.

How to Defeat Jack Baker: Butcher Room Boss Fight

Don't let the bodies hit the floor [Capcom]
Don't let the bodies hit the floor [Capcom]

One of the toughest fights in the game occurs when Jack Baker ambushes you in the Butcher Room. You're knocked into a pit trap and forced to fight him, and it's going to get very intense.

The first part of Resident Evil 7's Butcher Room boss fight once again involves keeping Jack away from you. Run away from Jack and try and get behind a body so that it's between you and him. Then when Jack moves front of the body, press the action button. This will throw the body into him and stun him for a crucial moment.

While Jack is stunned, whip out the G17 Handgun and shoot him in the head again. Rinse and repeat a few times. Run away, stun Jack with a body, and plug him full of headshots. Eventually he retreats to the cage on the north side of the pit.

I understood that reference [Capcom]
I understood that reference [Capcom]

The second round of the Butcher Room boss fight is vicious close combat. Follow him to the cage. Jack will help himself to a pair of chainsaw shears. Fortunately, you can pick up a Chainsaw in the same cage.

This part of the boss fight is harder than the first, because Jack is a lot faster and deals a ton of damage. Try to use the bodies to stun him as you did before. Jack doesn't stay stunned for as long as last time, but it gives you enough time to flank him and use the fire + action buttons to get stuck in with your Chainsaw.

Don't forget to guard when Jack attacks. This can occasionally cause him to stumble and leave him open for a crucial counterattack.

Jack can defend himself effectively with his shears if you go for a frontal assault, so always try to attack from his side or behind, preferably after stunning him.

You thought your high school zits were gross [Capcom]
You thought your high school zits were gross [Capcom]

Once you've caused enough damage, it's time for round three. Jack will be vulnerable but also start to mutate. You've now got to pop that nasty pustule on his back when he falls over.

Once you burst it with your chainsaw, pull back and defend yourself until Jack falls again. After two or three times, you’ll saw him in half, putting him down, but not for good.

How To Defeat Jack Baker: Pier Boat House Fight

Self-pity's not a good look for you, Jack [Capcom]
Self-pity's not a good look for you, Jack [Capcom]

The final fight against Jack sees him mutated into in a monstrous but strong new form reminiscent of Birkin, and you've got to fight him in a multi-storey battle. The best strategy for this Boat House boss fight? Pack a shotgun and go for the eyes.

It only takes one shotgun shell to destroy an eye, so just keep moving around the room and don't stop blasting those eyes.

Eventually, you’ll have to drop down to the lower level to get a shot at Jack's remaining eyes, but most of his attacks are easy enough to avoid. If you need ammo, there are boxes you can break around the top and bottom level to get more items.

Eye on the prize [Capcom]
Eye on the prize [Capcom]

Once you take out all of the eyes, Jack drops down to the lower level and regenerates the main eye on his face, the dirty cheater. Go for it with the shotgun again. This time it'll take two or three shells, but it does the job.

After that, Jack seems to drop dead, but he'll make a grab for you on the way out. Just follow the prompt on the screen to inject Jack with the serum, finally finishing him for good.

'Resident Evil 7' Strategy Guide

Hope you've found these tips for beating Jack Baker in Resident Evil 7 helpful. It'll be easier on later playthroughs, when you have infinite ammo.

How Does Jack Compare to past Resident Evil Bosses? Let's find out:

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Have you defeated Jack Baker all three times? Which fight was the hardest for you?

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