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It would appear that there isn't a lot of method to the madness when it comes to the Baker family. They're all pretty nutty in their own way and there isn't much to think about when you're around them except for how to get away from them. It turns out, however, that the developers of Resident Evil 7 had a very clear image in mind when creating the members of the family and that image is horror itself!

Each Member Of The Baker Family Represents A Different Type Of Horror In 'Resident Evil 7'

'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]
'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]

At this year's Game Developers Conference, during a talk titled "Reliving the Horror: Taking Resident Evil Forward by Looking Back", Capcom's senior manager Peter Fabiano shared some details about 's conception and the thought processes behind its development.

Among the interesting tidbits about the trials and triumphs of the path to the final product, Fabiano shared the inspiration behind the Baker family's characterization. According to him, each of the Bakers was meant to represent a certain subgenre of . Curious about who paired up with which genre?

Here's the breakdown!

Jack Baker: The Slasher Movie Murderer

'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]
'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]

Was the highpoint of your Resident Evil 7 experience the harrowing cat-and-mouse chase section with Jack Baker in the main house? You just might be a slasher fan.

Here's what Fabiano had to say about Jack's origins:

[...] The chainsaw-wielding ‘dad’ of the plantation, is nearly as cliched as any murderer you’d find in a slasher—and that’s intentional. He was modeled to be like a slasher film murderer.

Players that enjoy their moments with Jack live for the chase, but they also know to wear their brown pants and refrain from crying (loudly, at least). No one wants a lone whimper to tip the wrong person off. We get it bro, you like jump scares.

If you like Jack Baker, you might enjoy: Friday the 13 The Game or Until Dawn.

Lucas Baker: The Sadistic Puzzler

'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]
'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]

Should the raging tank slasher moments get to be too much for you, you might be more into the more straightforward and combat-free but similarly high-stress puzzlers that Lucas throws your way.

[Lucas is] a character who opts for traps and taunts instead of chasing the player around the house; his personality and the ways his abilities manifest represent the quiet, calculated suspense of psychological horror.

Chances are, if you were really into the Birthday Puzzle, you probably appreciated the break from combat and heavy reliance on stealth mechanics. Psychological horror tends to acknowledge the fact that we can scare ourselves out of our minds with the right signifiers in place. So, congratulations—you're a special type of masochist!

If you like Lucas Baker, you might enjoy: Layers of Fear or Slender: The Arrival.

Marguerite Baker: The Oozing Bug Mama

'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]
'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]

For those of you who prefer to have your gag reflex tested along with your tolerance for fear, you may have found Marge to be the most relatable Baker.

[...] With Marguerite, the “mother” figure of Resident Evil 7’s household, she embodied the essence of body horror. From the centipedes oozing out of her flesh and her role in the game’s story, she stands as the most squeamish-inducing family member of the bunch.

That's right, the spider womb and the nasty Trypophobia-inducing nests that Marguerite decorates the old house with are there to stir your stomach. The Molded most likely also impressed you a bit. When it comes to these guys, no one is really sure if those are mouths or if that's an eye, but people like you don't care either way. Hey, whatever floats your boat—and gets you far away from mine!

If you like Maguerite Baker, you might enjoy: Amnesia: The Dark Descent or The Evil Within

This character structure seems to go hand-in-hand with the three trials structure of the game as a whole. It all really just goes to support what we already knew— Capcom really thought this one out.

So it's official—I forgive them for Resident Evil 6... and Resident Evil Revelations 2 and even Umbrella Corps.

Which shade of Baker are you?

(Source: US Gamer)


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