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We are a mere two weeks out from the release of Resident Evil 7 and, with it, the end to all of the mystery surrounding the story of the Baker's and their crazy damn house.

'Resident Evil 7' Is Set To Be The Most Difficult Game In The Series

After having been spoiled by videos, hints and demos for months, it would appear that the well has run dry ahead of the big day. Or has it? According to recent updates from Capcom about the latest game, we may be in for a lot more than we bargained for on the difficulty front .

Hajime Horiuchi of Capcom speaks on the topic of difficulty in the official magazine for :

The difficulty being a little higher than in previous titles is definitely intentional. [...] We wanted to focus more on the aspect of fear. We worried that if the game’s too easy and these enemy encounters aren’t too big of a deal then players aren’t going to feel that tension, not going to feel that anxiety. We wanted to make sure that even if you’re pitted up in a one versus one situation, that one enemy is capable of killing you.

The view from the top... of Mr. Baker's grip. [Credit: Capcom]
The view from the top... of Mr. Baker's grip. [Credit: Capcom]

Sounds like we're in for quite the whirlwind. The claustrophobic residential setting should serve Capcom's purposes well—I can't imagine trying to deal with more than a few of the enemies we've seen so far in those hallways! But who knows what other twisted spaces we will stumble upon in the Baker mansion?

Of course, real Resident Evil fans like you and I are no strangers to having a rough go of things in the series' universe. The limited inventory system and tank boss fights have been giving us a run for our money since the early days.

'Resident Evil: Code Veronica' [Credit: Capcom]
'Resident Evil: Code Veronica' [Credit: Capcom]

Though it's been clear that Capcom has eschewed the traditional focus on puzzles and inventory management in favor of a more action-based approached, it appears we may be seeing a resurgence of what we grew to love in this new game.

While you're preparing for the storm ahead, check out the latest gameplay video to be released by Capcom:

Do you think you can handle an even harder Resident Evil game?

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