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The newest entry in Capcom's famous horror franchise is a refreshing dive back into the series. While the first-person perspective and options are cool, my favorite feature in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the emphasis on multiple playthroughs. By offering alternate endings, new game-plus items, and various trophies, lays down some not-so-subtle hints that you should play the game at least twice. As someone who has played it three times now, I can agree with that sentiment, and here's why.

Alternate Endings

Without delving too much into spoiler territory, let me just say that about two-thirds of the way into the game, you're given a choice that changes the last third of the game and, depending on what you chose, adds another boss fight. There are two trophies/achievements associated with getting both endings, but even a shiny gold trophy couldn't comfort me following the emotional damage dealt during the second ending.

New Items

By accomplishing several objectives throughout the game, you can earn items to use on your next playthrough. While some of the items are more useful than others, you can become extremely powerful in just two playthroughs. From the item-locating X-ray glasses, to the immensely powerful circular saw weapon, you'll be able to eviscerate the very monsters that gave you panic attacks during your first run through the Baker estate.

This bad boy can kill a boss in seconds.
This bad boy can kill a boss in seconds.

Trophies And Achievements

There are a lot of fun trophies to earn in . While we've already established that there are separate trophies and achievements for both endings, there are also rewards for completing the game on all three difficulty settings, finishing the game in fewer than four hours, completing the game while only using three health items, etc. While the most skilled trophy hunters can earn the platinum trophy in just two runs, the rest of us will have to give it a couple more goes. Even if you aren't into trophies and achievements, these restrictions will change how you play the game, which is always a refreshing challenge.

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If you're going to play Resident Evil 7, I suggest you first play it blind. There is nothing like the first time you make your way through the grisly horrors of the Baker residence. Once you finish, play it again and enjoy the second go-round and the opportunity to play the game in radically different ways.

Check out the Resident Evil 7 gameplay footage below and tell us in the comments section what you've enjoyed so far about playing the new game.

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